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Custom or stock?

Continental Window Fashions carries thousands of drapery hardware items on the site. Many of them are stock and will ship out in just a couple of days. We also have what we call "custom finish" or "finished to order" items as well. These are not stocked and ready to ship and will require going through the finishing process to be completed.

One of the best examples of this would be our collection of LJB Drapery Hardware. Everything in the wood collection would appear to be stock because of the low price point offered on our site. However this hardware is hand finished at the time the order is placed. This is done to give our customers the highest quality finish on every piece and keep the finish color consistent for the entire order. This process take about 2-3 weeks and then will ship directly from the manufacturer.

On the flip side, Kirsch Wood Trends is a stock program and ships out in 48 hours or less. The advantage to this is you will get your curtains up quicker but you might sacrifice the quality a small amount. Don't get us wrong, Kirsch offers some of the finest drapery hardware today, just nothing can compare to a hand finshed product. Most of our drapery hardware, from companies like Kirsch, Graber, Umbra and Croscill, are made overseas and then shipped by the container full to the United States. The quality is very good from line to line although there is a definite difference between the items hand finished here in the US and the stock items which may have been finished overseas.

You have to be the one who makes the decision of whether or not it is worth the wait if you want the better quality or get your product in just a few days.

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