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Solar Stat Static Cling Window Film and Tint

Solar Stat offers a wide variety of static cling window films from decorative borders and side lights to scenic window films. Unlike conventional films that use adhesive, Solar Stat window films are held on through static electricty.

Solar Stat the company has gone out of business. We are completely out of all of the tints and we only have a very limited supply of decorative Solar Stat window films left in stock and . If it is not shown in the products listed below we do not have it. Please call 866.375.4500 to verify qty's of what is listed below before ordering.

Looking for static cling window tint? Try Gila Window Films.
Materials: Vinyl.
Size(s): Varies by product.
Availability: Solar Stat static cling window films, if in stock, typically ship in 1 - 2 business days.
Returns: Solar Stat static cling window films are NON-RETURNABLE.

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