1. Glass doors: Window films and tints can be used on any glass surfarce including sliding glass doors, strom doors, entry doors and sidelite, french pane doors and glass shower doors. Whether you need privacy by using "privacy" window films, sun protection from the window tints or just for decoration, window films and tints are an easy and economical solution.

2. Windows: Window films and tints provide a great way to to add privacy, protection and decoration to any room. Window films filter up to 95% of U.V. rays to reduce heat, save energy and protect your valuable furnishings from premature fading.

3. Bath and showers: Moisture and steam do not affect window films. You can safely intall window films and tints in areas that are not directly exposed to running water (inside your shower for example).

4. Decorative accents: Use window films borders and corners to upgrade your mirrors. Borders and corners are quick and easy way to give your sufaces and etched look.