Spring Tension Rods We are frequently (very frequently) asked if we have extra long spring tension rods. For those of you who do not know what a spring tension rod is we will explain it for you.

A spring tension rod is a curtain rod that does not require any screws to hold it up. It is held in place by a pressured spring which is inside the curtain rod and you compress it to fit in the area you wish to mount the rod. It is held up by the tension in the spring and is a very easy rod to mount.

The longest spring tension rod we have currently is 84”. We do not offer anything longer because it is just not practical. Extending a spring tension rod longer than this distance will make the curtain rod sag in the middle. Even if you plan on using the lightest curtains it will still sag. As a matter of fact it will sag with out anything on it. We know that other companies will offer you extenders for these rods to make them go longer than 84” but are the offering you a good option when they know it won't look good? We think they are providing bad information and are only concerned about selling you something.

Is there a solution? Yes and no! First it depends on how long you need to rod to be. If you need a curtain rod to go 12 feet with out a center support it's not going to happen. If you can live with something around 8 feet we can make some recommendations. It is always best to call our office and speak with one of our specialists. The call and the advice you get is always free and we do not pressure you into buying anything.