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Vesta Mediterranean Collection

Vesta's Mediterranean collection has been popular for many years and is still in high demand. This line features classic finial designs available in six finish options. This wrought iron collection is suitable in any traditional, rustic or contemporary setting. An assortment of Tiffany Glass finials can be used to add an intriguing splash of color and personality when needed.

Vesta recommends additional brackets every 4-5 feet with this collection to properly support the weight of your treatment. The collection's rod splice can be used to achieve longer spans - the required center bracket will help conceal the resulting seam.

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Materials: Wrought Iron
Size(s): 3/4"
Availability: Vesta Mediterranean drapery hardware is in stock and typically ships in 1 - 2 business days.
Returns: Non-Customized Vesta Mediterranean drapery hardware is returnable.

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