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Menagerie Bamboo Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware

Bring the island air to your home or beach house with Menagerie bamboo drapery rods and accessories including bamboo curtain rings, curtain rods, and brackets. Menagerie is a 2" bamboo drapery hardware collection offering many styles for you to coordinate for your individual needs. All Menagerie bamboo drapery hardware accessories are cast in resin and stained to match the real bamboo curtain rods.

Please note, all bamboo curtain rods are individually created by mother nature. No two curtain rods are identical. Organic pits, discoloration and curtain rod "curves" are natural enhancements to the bamboo design.
Materials: Bamboo, Resin
Size(s): 2"
Availability: Menagerie bamboo drapery hardware items are in stock and usually ship in about 2 business days direct from the manufacturer.
Returns: Menagerie bamboo items are returnable.

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