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A-Z Window Treatments and Curtain Hardware part 5


Are you interested in learning even more about window coverings and curtain hardware? These terms will help you become more informed about Passementerie Roman Shades and Ruching This is part five of your go-to guide.


Paris Texas Drapery Hardware: Paris Texas Drapery Hardware is well-known and respected drapery hardware companies featuring high end beautiful curtain rods, finials and accessories. All Paris Texas drapery hardware items have high quality finishes and are sure to please even the most particular of home owners.
Phase II Bamboo Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware: Bamboo drapery rods and drapery hardware accessories from Phase II are made from carved wood and resin that simulate the look of real bamboo.
Passementerie: Fancy edgings or trims that emphasize the shape of the curtain, such as fringe, tassels, braid, and ruffles.
Plinth: A square of decorative wood installed at the corners of a window frame.
Puddled Curtains: Curtains with long side panels that are allowed to drape and puddle onto the floor to create a soft, full look.
Projection: The distance from the front of the drapery rod to the wall that it is mounted on.


Return: The portion of the drapery extending from the corner of the rod to the wall, enclosing the brackets of the drapery hardware.
Rings: Rings of wood or plastic are hooked or sewn to the top edge of a curtain and these rings are then threaded through the curtain rod. Umbra Link Rings are designed for curtain rods that are 1″ diameter or smaller. They are available in three color choices: Aged Brass, Black, and Pewter.
Robert Allen Drapery Hardware: Decorative drapery hardware from Robert Allen is every designer’s first choice when selecting high end drapery hardware. Robert Allen offers decorative and beautiful drapery hardware in their many collections.
Rod Pocket Curtains: The most common window treatment. A stitched pocket at the top of the curtain is gathered or shirred onto a curtain rod.
Roller Shades: Shades made of vinyl or fabric attached to spring rollers, mounted to the inside window casing or the window frame.
Roman Shades: Drawn up from the bottom by means of cords and rings, these shades create horizontal folds when raised. A roman shade panel is flat when lowered and covers the window glass completely. Continental Window Fashions offers a Roman Shade Privacy Liner that can be used to add privacy to any Roman Shade. It is light filtering, energy efficient and easy to install.
Ruching: Extremely tight gathers used as a decorative top finish to a panel.


Self-Styling Tape: A stiff tape with woven-in cords used to create pleated and shirred curtains.
Selvage: The selvage edges of fabric are the finished sides of the lengthwise grain.
Sheer: A drapery panel made of sheer or translucent fabric, sometimes used underneath an outer drapery.
Shirred Curtains: Curtains stretched tightly and gathered on rods at both the top and the bottom.
Stack back (or stacking space): The place on the wall where the drapery comes to rest when it is opened and the window is exposed. Draperies are sometimes installed so that the stack back clears the window frame allowing an unobstructed view.
Stagecoach Valance: Used on narrow windows, this is a panel of fabric mounted on a board and attached to the inside frame of the window. It is often rolled up and tied in the center with a ribbon.
Swag : One or more pieces of fabric draped over a rod, typically used at the top of a window treatment with jabots.

A-Z WIndow Treatments and Curtain Hardware Part III


Are you interested in learning even more about window coverings and curtain hardware? These terms will help you become more informed about headers, Hopper windows, jabot, and knotting. This is part three of your go-to guide.

Graber Drapery Hardware: Since 1939 Graber has been in the drapery hardware and curtain rod business making quality hardware at competitive prices.
Header: The top edge of a rod-pocket curtain that forms a ruffle when the curtain is on the rod.

Helser Brothers Drapery Hardware: Helser Brothers recognizes the critical role strong manufacturing processes, precision metal working, tight tolerances, and extremely high quality would play when combined with over-the-top customer service. Competitive and simple pricing, guaranteed quick turn-around time, original custom designs, and a six-point check and balance system to ensure clients get exactly what they order each and every time.

House Parts Drapery Hardware: House Parts has been in the business of making high quality drapery hardware since 1979 at some of the most competitive prices. House Parts Draper Hardware captures the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship in the replicas that the company produces.

Hopper Windows : These windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward from the top – the reverse of awning windows.
Inside Mount Drapery Rods(Wooden): Continental Window Fashions offers several options for wooden inside mount curtain rods.

Iron Art by Orion Swing Arms: A high end, elegant and sturdier swing arm and crane curtain rods. Made of high quality iron, Iron Art swing arm curtain rods from Orion are able to hold heavier drapes than other swing arms. Available in custom lengths, various mounting plates, 3 projections and a 35 Iron Art finishes.

Jabot: A piece of fabric, long or short, which drape down on either side of a swag or valance, often pleated and tapered.
Kick Pleated Valances: Valances that are constructed like box pleats, but with the pleats spaced further apart.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware: No matter what type of curtain rod or drapery hardware item you are looking for you can find it at Kirsch. Traverse rods, wooden curtain rods and finials are just a few of the collection that Kirsch has to offer.

Knotting: A technique used when looping and arranging fabric panels.

A to Z Window Treatments and Curtain Hardware Part I



Are you interested in learning more about window coverings and curtain hardware? Start with these terms and become knowledgeable about butterfly pleats and traverse rods, festoons and cascades.
This is part one of your go to guide.


Adjustable Cafe Curtain Rods: Adjustable in size these rods are a great and inexpensive solution for putting up your curtains. Most sets are sold with everything you need right in the box. No need to buy additional hardware necessary to hang. Select from the Graber, House Parts or Umbra Collection at

Apron: The decorative piece of molding that is installed below the sill. The ends of the molding are cut and attached to another piece of cut molding so they appear to be returning back to the wall. While an apron technically doesn’t have a function, it does add a more finished touch to the look of the window.

Arched Valance: A valance treatment that is arched along the lower edge. It often has a decorative wood casings that require no curtains. However, the lack of fabric can often leave the room feeling cold and empty .The home decorator can obtain a softer look through the use of a lightweight valance. An arched valance will hang inside the window casing, leaving the molding exposed for viewing.

Archi T Rail Traverse Rod Collection: Archi-T-Rail collection by Vesta is a uniquely engineered modern contemporary traverse rod system. It is supported by a special “T” rail without obstructing the flow of the gliders. The 9/16″ traverse rod is exclusively designed for light weight treatments and the larger 1″ traverse rod may accommodate medium weight treatments.

Austrian Shade: A fabric window covering that has soft draping scallops running the length of the shade. It moves up and down by a series of cords threaded through rings.

Awning Windows: Windows that are hinged on top and swing outward to open. Awning windows are usually rectangular, and wider than they are long.


Balloon Shades: Shades with deep upturned pleats that fall into airy, rounded poufs at the bottom.

Bamboo Drapery hardware: Continental Window Fashions carries 2 different styles of bamboo hardware: the Menagerie collection featuring real bamboo poles with resin brackets and finials that painted to look like real bamboo, and the Phase II is a collection of wooden hardware that looks like bamboo. Both collections are of high quality as are available for immediate delivery.

Bay Window: A window area that extends outward from the main wall, forming a projection on the exterior of the home.

Bay and Bow Window Curtain Rods: Bow window traverse curtain rods and Bay window corner traverse curtain rods are heavy duty rods and designed to carry about 1 1/2 pound per foot. These are custom made traverse rods that are made by Graber to “your” exact measurements.

Bed Crowns: Bed Crowns and Coronas from the Menagerie collection are the finishing touch for your bedroom. The beautiful decorative Coronas are made of high quality resin or metal, forming the main support of bed drapes, centrally mounted on the wall above the bed. The underside of the bed crown is cut with a channel so you can put your desired fabric below the Corona for decoration.

Bishop’s Sleeve Curtains: Extra-long curtain panels that are created by tying and poufing out a portion of a straight panel without the complicated construction of many drapery treatments.

Box Pleats: Deep, inverted, tailored pleats that are flat on the right side of the drapery to create a classical boxy look.

Butterfly Pleats : A pleat with two, instead of three folds to distinguish it from the basic pinch pleat.


Cafe Curtains: A window treatment that covers only the bottom half of a window. A cafe rod is hung at the halfway point of the window, at sash level.

Cascades: Pleated side panels that flank swags.

Casement Window: A window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges on the sides. They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside. Casing: A tunnel of fabric created by stitching parallel seam on folded fabric. A curtain rod is threaded through the casing.

Cassidy West Drapery Hardware: Classic drapery hardware curtain rod sets made from nickel, glass, wood and wrought iron that will match your sophisticated taste and needs.

Combination Rods: Two or three drapery rods sharing one set of brackets. They are used when installing draperies with sheers to create any layered look.

Cornice: A decorative wooden, fabric, or foam header placed above a window to cover the drapery hardware.

Curtain: Usually unlined, a panel of hemmed fabric hung from a rod at the top of a window. Panels can be floor length or end at the windowsill.

Curved drapery rods for Bay and Bow Windows: Curved drapery rods are one of the most difficult to find items in the curtain hardware. Designed to fit bay, corner and bow windows Continental Window Fashions customizes several types of curtain and drapery rods to fit your specialty window.

Stay Away From My Window!


Keeping your privacy shielded from prying eyes, inadvertent glances and dangerous predators is easier than you think by adding simple window treatments to your windows. How much someone will be able to see through your windows will be a matter of light, angle and distance. Go outside and take a look back from different distances, different angles and under different lighting conditions. The view through your window treatment is going to look different each time. You can choose from a variety of different window treatments to best combat your specific privacy issues.


During the day, the inside of your house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. No one wants neighbors or strangers peeking into their windows. Valuable belongings are better protected by adequate window privacy. At night, artificial light illuminates the interior of your house. People will be able to see in easier due to the contrast between the dark outdoors and the light indoors


You will want to let in some light, but block the part of the window where you are losing the most privacy. Choose window treatments based on how much light comes in and how much shines out of your house. During the day, the inside of the house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. A sheer treatment will be enough to diffuse most direct views, and you can eliminate the display with darker and denser fabric for curtains, shades or blinds.


Blinds are one of the most commonly used forms of discrete window treatments. They are inexpensive and come in almost any color and material. Metal, plastic and wood blinds are popular choices. Blinds install inside or outside of the window frame, and can be pulled up out of the way or opened to allow sunlight in when privacy is not an issue.


Shades will add privacy to any room. They pull down easily, and roll up just as quickly to allow sunlight into the room or to let you to look out the window. Shades come in many designs and colors and can match nearly every decorating style and theme. Valances and swags will block the top portion of the window, and café curtains or closed shutters will cover the bottom view.


Privacy window treatments also prevent potential burglars from checking out of items of value inside your home. Privacy treatments come in all forms–cloth, wood, metal, vinyl and almost any other material imaginable. You can create privacy by layering curtains. Try a drape hung over sheers, hanging over a shade.


Continental Window Fashions will provide you with drapery hardware, curtain rods, rings, hold-backs and brackets, decorative drapery rods, finials, and specialty window hardware for any application or decor taste. With designer drapery and curtain hardware from Paris Texas Hardware, Drapery Hardware, Kirsch Drapery Hardware ONA, Graber Curtain Rods, and House Parts Drapery Hardware, you will many options to choose from. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

It’s All About Tension


Today’s lesson is all about tension rods! Spring tension rods are a great way to hang shower curtains or other light window curtains in tight spots. They require very little assembly and no hardware at all to install. They won’t hold very heavy drapes, but are great in kitchens for cafe curtains, and bathrooms for shower curtains.

A tension rod is an adjustable rod made with springs on the inside and a plastic or metal circular bar on the outside and is generally adjustable within a small margin, without causing any damage to the wall or window frame where it is installed. A tension rod is easy for almost anyone to install and use, without needing to have any building or installation know-how. Tension rods however, are only recommended for light weight curtains and limited to a width of 84 inches. Why is there an 84″ limitation? Tension curtain rods are designed to hold very little weight and do not have a center bracket for support. Longer spans and heavier weights will cause the tension rod to either bow or sag in the middle or fall down all together because they cannot support the weight .Graber Spring Tension Rods offered by Continental Window Fashions are your best bet when it comes to purchasing tension rods.


Usually, a tension rod features a long bar in the middle with two flat rubber ends. The rubber ends are designed to be non-slip, to prevent the bar from sliding off the wall or window. How do they work? A tension rod uses a spring and a screw to create tension between the rod and the wall, making them fully adjustable. The concept is basic. Two pieces of metal or plastic fit inside each other. A coil spring is placed inside the rod and pushes one piece against the other. A screw is used to keep the placement of the coil in the right area so the tension will remain.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy solution for hanging curtains, consider tension curtain rods. Since they save you from putting holes in your walls, they are a great solution for hanging curtains in a rental property. Tension rods can work in place of almost any curtain rod. Tension rods are considerably lighter than traditional curtain rods and they are made of two pieces, so the fabric must be light enough to keep the rod from bowing in the middle .Sheer window treatments work well with these types of rods when standing in place for curtain rods.
Tension rods offer the best stability inside a window frame where the two ends can be tightened to create tension against the supporting walls. Used this way, the rods can create a variety of styles. One of the most common kitchen treatments requires placement of the tension rod at the middle of the window. Tiers are then created to hang from the rod to the bottom of the window sill. In combination with a valance or swag at the top, you have created cafe curtains. Valances can also be hung by a tension rod mounted inside the window frame of a door.


Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection of high quality drapery hardware to their loyal customers. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone

Add Color to Your White Room

When pulling together a room, keep in mind how color will impact your mood. While some people seem to be less affected than others, a general rule of thumb about colors is that:

* Green is tranquil
* Reds and oranges are energetic
* Yellow is the happy color.
* White is considered pure, though stark.

You’ve probably heard that the style and color of your curtains can make or break the look of your home. It is difficult to visualize the post-curtain effect in a room. Consider these tips adding a spark within the four walls of your room.
Single-tone walls don’t need to be boring. Try using patterned curtains. Stripes and solid colors or dominant colors that shout depth – like a dark orange, brown and yellow striped curtain when used along with a background of earthy light brown wall add interest to your room.
Try teaming bright bold curtains with plain single toned walls. Are you trapped within white walls? Perhaps you live in a rental unit and can’t paint – hang boldly colored curtains! Imagine dark traditional wooden furniture, white walls, and a deep shade of claret on the curtains. This room is now shouting style and charisma!
If you are looking toward window treatments for panache rather than function, mount decorative curtain hardware and hang a long swag across it. ONA Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware Company would be an excellent choice. ONA brings designer style and extraordinary affordable value together with their classic collection of wrought iron drapery hardware. ONA drapery hardware is handmade individually and finished exactly to your specifications using their standard finishes our custom made.
Sheer curtains are also a lovely way to add style. Choose a curtain rod from ONA with a beautiful finial to accent the curtains sheers. Sheers do not block out light or provide privacy, but they are a beautiful airy addition to a room. You can add your own crafty touches with embroidery or ribbons to further enhancing their decorative appeal.

Continental Window Fashions is proud to offer the ONA collection. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Revive Your Style!

The Renaissance was a time of revival or rebirth of cultural living. Isn’t now the time for you to introduce a renaissance into your home?

Whether you are looking out your living room window, or you’re peering in from the sidewalk, Kirsch creates extraordinary views from the inside out. Our new custom shades collection features designer-inspired color palettes, exquisite textures and beautiful fabrics that reflect timeless fashion and sophisticated style.
Kirsch offers a broad variety of quality Decorative Wood Drapery Hardware in 1 3/8 Inch, 2 Inch, and 3 Inch diameters. The Wood Trends Collection offers finishes and styles to match just about any decor, and the contemporary Wood Trends Urban Comfort Collection provides a sleek, modern alternative. Seeking an elegant, classic look? Consider the beautiful designs and finishes in the Renaissance Collection.

True to the tradition, each piece of the Wood Trends collection is classically styled in rich colors to coordinate with other wood furnishings in the home. Kirsch has also given new life to a style from a period filled with stories of royal etiquette, majestic wealth and incredible artistry. Beautifully finished and adorned with handcrafted finial designs, the Wood Trends Renaissance Collection manifests views of supremacy.
Continental Window Fashions will give the home or business owner who is looking to add beauty and elegance to their windows a chance to make their dreams come true Kirsch Drapery Hardware is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.