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Since 1939, Graber has been in the drapery hardware and curtain rod business, making quality hardware at highly competitive prices. We have a style and type of rod to fit every window and every occasion. We feature spring tension curtain rods that do not require any screws to hold it up. Spring loaded curtain rods are held in place by a pressured spring located inside the curtain tension rod. When compressed, the rod will fit precisely in the intended area. Our spring loaded curtain rods are one of our most popular lines because of their durability and easy installation. Graber basic curtain rods include, specialty window kits, crystal clear rods, lock-seam curtain rods, sash rods, arched window rods and adjustable lock-seam bay rods. Our speciality window kits features flexible Crystal Clear curtain rods which can be easily cut to length or spliced together to increase length or to add durability for heavier drapery. Clear curtain rods snap into clear clips installed in the frame for a secure fit. We also specialize in curved curtain rods, bay window curtain rods and bow window curtain rods. Our custom Bow window traverse curtain rods and Bay window corner traverse curtain rods are made to “your” exact measurements. Our traverse curtain rods made for these type of windows are a heavy duty rod designed to carry 1 1/2 lb per foot. Beautiful Decorative Traverse Rods make your window treatments stand out. With the addition of new colors, this collection of drapery hardware gives you the new modern look of contemporary curtain rods at an economical price.  Continental Window Fashions are the largest on-line retailer of Graber drapery hardware in the world and with this, comes discount drapery hardware from a brand you can trust.  Choosing Graber drapery hardware for your next window treatment is the smart choice for adding modern style to your home or office.