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Party Outside


It’s rare that we think of our outdoor spaces, the patio, the yard, the carport, as extensions of our home. But, depending on where you live, they are serviceable for three or even four seasons. Isn’t it time to make them comfortable and inviting? Outdoor shades like those from House Parts will not only add to your decor, but provide you protection from the hot sun. Shades and curtains also can partition off your space and shield you   from the neighbors.

With the help of tension rods, curtains can hang easily in your outside space. Continental Window Fashions offer tension rods that are not just for the bathroom anymore. If you have two points to wedge the rod between, there is an easy way to hang your curtains on the patio or porch.


Installing tension rods between the posts of your porch is so easy. Hanging curtains does not have to be a chore. In many cases, a simple tension rod fits your needs. This type of  window treatment does not require nails or a hammer or the need for drilling holes,  lending themselves to quick installation. The rod stays  in place by tension  the two walls or posts you suspend it from.

Crisp, plain white curtains work really well to lighten up and cool the look of an outdoor space. Or give your patio the look and feel of a romantic tent open to the air with crisp white drapes. Not feeling the romance? Try stenciling solid-color drapes to give them a quirky or rustic outdoor look. If a child’s birthday party is in the works, make a panel out of every color fabric a colorful outside space.

So why settle for a boring outdoor space? Hang some curtains, maybe some fairy lights, and party on!

And the Stockings were Hung Where?


“……and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care……”

Christmas stockings hanging from a decorated mantel look festive; they make wonderful holiday decorations, especially when hung from a joyful mantelpiece. However, if you plan to load them with trinkets, you may find yourself facing the dilemma of how to hang the stockings so they don’t fall to the floor from all that weigh. At the same time, you want your mantel to stay comparatively unmarked by heavy hooks or considerable hangers.

Sometimes you just can’t, or don’t want to hammer any nails into your mantle. How in the world are the stockings going to be hung? What if you used just two stocking holders and suspended a standard curtain rod from them? It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Keep a look out for two heavy stocking holders that have a hook or loop large enough to slip a thin curtain rod through. Two should be enough, but use more if you need extra support. Now you can just keep adding stockings as your family grows without having to purchase more hangers.

If you have a rustic mantle, such as a distressed timber, a thin rod from Kirsch Drapery Hardware Buckingham Wooden Poles suspended from a few stocking holders should do the trick. Tie the stockings to the rod with ribbon staggering the length of ribbon to vary the heights of the stockings.

Another idea for hanging your stockings if you waited too long and now can’t find stocking holders is to purchase one package of those removable hooks and a cafe style curtain rod that is about the same length as your mantel. Hang three hooks from the underside of the mantle, one on each side and the third one in the middle. Hang your curtain rod from the hooks and slide your stockings over the rod.

No mantle, no problem. Try one of these ideas: hang stockings off of a curtain rod at the window. You can hang them high, or even suspend them to the middle of the window. Wreathes aren’t the only things you can hang from a door. Hang a stocking from tension rod between the door jambs? Add some lights and a bit of garland for an even more festive look.

It’s All About Tension


Today’s lesson is all about tension rods! Spring tension rods are a great way to hang shower curtains or other light window curtains in tight spots. They require very little assembly and no hardware at all to install. They won’t hold very heavy drapes, but are great in kitchens for cafe curtains, and bathrooms for shower curtains.

A tension rod is an adjustable rod made with springs on the inside and a plastic or metal circular bar on the outside and is generally adjustable within a small margin, without causing any damage to the wall or window frame where it is installed. A tension rod is easy for almost anyone to install and use, without needing to have any building or installation know-how. Tension rods however, are only recommended for light weight curtains and limited to a width of 84 inches. Why is there an 84″ limitation? Tension curtain rods are designed to hold very little weight and do not have a center bracket for support. Longer spans and heavier weights will cause the tension rod to either bow or sag in the middle or fall down all together because they cannot support the weight .Graber Spring Tension Rods offered by Continental Window Fashions are your best bet when it comes to purchasing tension rods.


Usually, a tension rod features a long bar in the middle with two flat rubber ends. The rubber ends are designed to be non-slip, to prevent the bar from sliding off the wall or window. How do they work? A tension rod uses a spring and a screw to create tension between the rod and the wall, making them fully adjustable. The concept is basic. Two pieces of metal or plastic fit inside each other. A coil spring is placed inside the rod and pushes one piece against the other. A screw is used to keep the placement of the coil in the right area so the tension will remain.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy solution for hanging curtains, consider tension curtain rods. Since they save you from putting holes in your walls, they are a great solution for hanging curtains in a rental property. Tension rods can work in place of almost any curtain rod. Tension rods are considerably lighter than traditional curtain rods and they are made of two pieces, so the fabric must be light enough to keep the rod from bowing in the middle .Sheer window treatments work well with these types of rods when standing in place for curtain rods.
Tension rods offer the best stability inside a window frame where the two ends can be tightened to create tension against the supporting walls. Used this way, the rods can create a variety of styles. One of the most common kitchen treatments requires placement of the tension rod at the middle of the window. Tiers are then created to hang from the rod to the bottom of the window sill. In combination with a valance or swag at the top, you have created cafe curtains. Valances can also be hung by a tension rod mounted inside the window frame of a door.


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