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All Books Deserve to Be Cozy

All Books Deserve to Be Cozy

One of the many difficulties of having a small room is that if one or two things are on the ground  the whole room looks cluttered. To combat this problem, anything that you can put extra  stuff in to keep it off the floor is a must have. Buy a good sized 3 drawer storage bin and then use the top for holding larger   items, like your microwave or your printer. Also think about having a cute cup on your desk for all of your pens and pencils and highlighters.. In the spirit of keeping things off the floor and into compartments, try using a book cozy. It’s a hanging book shelf made in a few minutes from a couple of easy to use supplies.
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Book Cozy
A 47-inch by 42-inch piece of fabric
Umbra Serif Double Curtain Rod Set
Drill and drill bits
-Stud finder
-Fold the fabric lengthwise, with right sides facing, so you are working with a double thickness rectangle that is 47 inches by 21 inches.
-Using a 1/2-inch seam, sew the fabric together around one of the short sides, the long side and about half-way down the other short side.
-Turn the fabric right side out through the opening.
-Sew the opening shut by folding the raw edges toward each other, then top stitching down that short end of the rectangle.
-Now you’ll need to sew casings for the dowels on the two long ends of the rectangle. Working with one side at a time, fold the long end over so it overlaps by 2 inches. Stitch all the way down the length of the fabric. Repeat on the other long side.
-Now you can mount the hardware. Locate two studs 47 inches apart on the wall where you want to hang the book cozy.
-Using a level, mark the locations where you’ll need to drill lightly with a pencil, then drill the holes for the screws.
-Screw the brackets onto the wall. Hang the fabric on the dowels, and insert the rods into the brackets.
-Load with books. If you screwed the hardware into studs your book holder should be able to handle a good amount of weight, but don’t go too crazy.

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