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A Color Adventure

Color is a powerful tool that can be used to create the illusion of space, inspire emotions, and set the mood or atmosphere for any room. When used with interior or exterior painting, color psychology is a wonderful way to create a healthy and beautiful home.

*Yellow is often thought of in terms of happiness and optimism. It activates memory, stimulates your nervous system and promotes creativity. Try implementing a sunshine yellow and toning it down with white accents.

*If a bright yellow isn’t your style, try a neutral pale shade. It is airy and relaxing, and as a bonus, gives the appearance of a larger room.

*Red immediately suggests passion and romance. It adds drama when used generously or warms up a space when used with a slight hand. At the same time, red-orange balances cool blue and instantly warms up a space.

*Pink isn’t only for little girls. This pithy color is much more adaptable than you may think. A vibrant pink-orange color combination will to bring a playful touch to any room without making it feel too youthful. However, if you want to add pink to a girl’s room while keeping a sophisticated look, try a saturated peony shade. It will add energy yet still keep a feminine look.

*Not many people choose orange because picking the right shade can be overwhelming. Try a deep orange, or terra-cotta in a home office to keep it energized by day and comfy by night.

If you are not sure where to begin on your color journey, pick a favorite color from a piece of artwork, a rug, some dishes or an accessory or furniture piece as a main color or accent. Try experimenting t in a powder room, a small hall or on an accent wall. Chose an area that’s quick to do so you can see your results quickly and be able to proceed, or change it. See this process as an adventure with a wonderful prize at the end.

Stay Away From My Window!


Keeping your privacy shielded from prying eyes, inadvertent glances and dangerous predators is easier than you think by adding simple window treatments to your windows. How much someone will be able to see through your windows will be a matter of light, angle and distance. Go outside and take a look back from different distances, different angles and under different lighting conditions. The view through your window treatment is going to look different each time. You can choose from a variety of different window treatments to best combat your specific privacy issues.


During the day, the inside of your house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. No one wants neighbors or strangers peeking into their windows. Valuable belongings are better protected by adequate window privacy. At night, artificial light illuminates the interior of your house. People will be able to see in easier due to the contrast between the dark outdoors and the light indoors


You will want to let in some light, but block the part of the window where you are losing the most privacy. Choose window treatments based on how much light comes in and how much shines out of your house. During the day, the inside of the house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. A sheer treatment will be enough to diffuse most direct views, and you can eliminate the display with darker and denser fabric for curtains, shades or blinds.


Blinds are one of the most commonly used forms of discrete window treatments. They are inexpensive and come in almost any color and material. Metal, plastic and wood blinds are popular choices. Blinds install inside or outside of the window frame, and can be pulled up out of the way or opened to allow sunlight in when privacy is not an issue.


Shades will add privacy to any room. They pull down easily, and roll up just as quickly to allow sunlight into the room or to let you to look out the window. Shades come in many designs and colors and can match nearly every decorating style and theme. Valances and swags will block the top portion of the window, and café curtains or closed shutters will cover the bottom view.


Privacy window treatments also prevent potential burglars from checking out of items of value inside your home. Privacy treatments come in all forms–cloth, wood, metal, vinyl and almost any other material imaginable. You can create privacy by layering curtains. Try a drape hung over sheers, hanging over a shade.


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