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Staging your Windows


Low lit rooms may seem cozy to you, but if you are in the process of selling your home, brighten it up! Dimly lit spaces look small and dingy especially during the day. Most people are drawn to natural light. Natural light elevates your mood, illuminates a room and can even add a dramatic effect as the sun casts rays in different corners of the room. Take a walk through your house and reassess your windows and their treatments.


Installing window treatments us really quite easy depending on the type of hardware you are installing. The most important tip I can share with you is to measure, then measure again. The easiest installation is the drapery rod, which requires a few screws in select locations. Do be sure to have proper tools – screwdrivers, a drill, level, pencil, measuring tape, (see The Right Tool for the Right Job). Sure, you can do this on your own, but it’s much easier to do it with a friend helping. Of course, If you’re uncomfortable doing the job yourself, call in a professional.


Window treatments are the best way to introduce color and style to a room. Use accessories to make a room to pop with color rather than the paint on the walls. Balance the color and texture choices carefully, drawing the attention of buyers to the windows, yet don’t overwhelm them with curtains and draperies. Window treatments are not usually permanent and you can take them with you when you sell your home, but many buyers may ask for the treatments to be included with the sale of the house when they put in an offer. Keep the price of the treatments in mind so that you can part with them, or that you don’t lose the sale because you didn’t want to let them go.


When you showing your home, don’t forget to maximize the natural light in every room. Open the blinds and shades up and push the curtains or drapes to the side. For drapery you could use tiebacks, but the best way to show off your windows is with the installation of the drapery rods. Install the rod six inches or so outside the edge of the window and two or three inches above the frame. This will make your window appear larger than it actually is and will also maximize the amount of light coming through. By installing the rods outside the frame, you will get a lot more light and a better view of the wood trim that might bear showing off.