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Put Away Your Hammer


Not all of us can walk through our home with hammer and nails in hand. If your lease or dorm rules prohibit you from nailing up drapery brackets you need to find a get creative. One solution would be to use a tension rod from Umbra which will allow you to hang lightweight curtains without mounting hardware. You can also use tmporary hook. The kind that stick on the wall and then remove with out damage. As long as your window treatments are not too heavy, either method you select will be adequate for holding up the hardware.

To install a tension rod, measure the length and width of the inside of the window frame. Choose a curtain made from lightweight fabric. The length should ideally be equal to or slightly shorter than the length of the inside of the window frame. The width can vary, depending on how much fullness you desire. Tension rods are adjustable within a certain range. Be sure to pick the longest rod that will fit in your window to ensure the greatest amount of spring tension to keep the rod secure. Turn the end sections of the rod to change the length, making it slightly less wide than the window opening.Slide the curtains on and then place the rod near the top of the wiindow frame at a spot where the hem of the curtain will brush the window sill.

If you decide to uses temporary hooks, attach them as you would nails – one on each corner of the window just outside the frame. It’s best if you leave the hooks in place for about an hour to let the adhesive set up. When picking curtains for this application, make sure the weight of the fabric does not exceed the combined weight of the two hooks.

Sometimes a sheer curtain or one that is lightweight enough to hang from either of these two methods isn’t quite enough. Designed to cling to your window through the use of static electricity, window cling film from Etch Art is completely removable and reusable. Installation is easy. Just wash the window, trim the film to size and apply a layer of water to the window. Place the film against the window and squeegee away any excess water and air. Add a decorative touch or use privacy films to help keep any eyes from looking in.

Now there’s no excuse to be stuck with boring apartment or dormitory vertical blinds ever again. Put away your useless hammer and get out your ruler or tape measure and get to work!

Create a Retreat with Color

What’s your fantasy master bath? Is it pristine, simple and straightforward? Or s something more luxurious, a spa-like setting? It doesn’t really matter which amenities you choose, it’s your color choice that will be vital in setting the right mood. Most people choose a space that is as restful and relaxing as a warm bubble bath. This usually means a calming color palette filled with greens and blues, soft hues and subtle neutrals.

Some color schemes are more soothing than others, more natural if you will. Greens and blues, from the cooler side of the color palette, are evocative of the variegated colors of the Caribbean. The bathroom isn’t a place for electric blues or bright greens but rather, use softer tints like sea foam greens and aqua blues. Not only are these tones refreshing, they also visually drop the temperature a few degrees, isn’t that nice in a room associated with hot baths and steamy showers?
When choosing fixtures, pick those in the neutral hues like white and biscuit, and add in more color with the flooring, accessories and wall treatments. Blues and greens are very soothing, just like the ocean and sky. To warm them up use brown wood tones, those are chocolate in hue.
You may want to bring color into the bathroom in less expected ways, too. Light blue could come from a piece of granite or a pale green from textured glass tiles. To incorporate extra color is important but you should also have texture and interesting surfaces, too.

You can create a feminine atmosphere with peaches and pinks, or a fresh look by using lemony yellow. Try surrounding your space with lavender tones, then go one step further with some aromatherapy in the guise of lavender-scented candles.

If a spa-like experience is what you are looking for, wrap the whole room in white — white tiled walls, floors, fixtures and cabinetry, marble countertops, and even white towels and robes. Be careful though, white can become sterile looking. To make things interesting, use elements that aren’t all the same shade of white. Warm things up a bit with soft yellows or creams and some touches of gold or warm sage greens.

Remember, a soothing scheme is in the eye of the beholder. There aren’t really any bad colors, just be careful where you use them. Visit Continental Window Fashions at to see some beautiful accent mirrors. To add to your newly decorated room.  Decorative mirrors can provide the finishing touch to your room. Continental can offer you a decorative mirror to fit any décor. Iron Art by Orion’s Diamante Reflections has a wide variety with both wrought iron mirrors and wooden framed mirrors .Many of their products look like antique mirrors and come in several shapes from small round mirrors to large decorative mirrors. Howard Elliott also offers unique round wall mirrors and intricate ornate mirrors.

Stay Away From My Window!


Keeping your privacy shielded from prying eyes, inadvertent glances and dangerous predators is easier than you think by adding simple window treatments to your windows. How much someone will be able to see through your windows will be a matter of light, angle and distance. Go outside and take a look back from different distances, different angles and under different lighting conditions. The view through your window treatment is going to look different each time. You can choose from a variety of different window treatments to best combat your specific privacy issues.


During the day, the inside of your house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. No one wants neighbors or strangers peeking into their windows. Valuable belongings are better protected by adequate window privacy. At night, artificial light illuminates the interior of your house. People will be able to see in easier due to the contrast between the dark outdoors and the light indoors


You will want to let in some light, but block the part of the window where you are losing the most privacy. Choose window treatments based on how much light comes in and how much shines out of your house. During the day, the inside of the house will be darker than the outdoors, making it difficult to see into the house from outside. A sheer treatment will be enough to diffuse most direct views, and you can eliminate the display with darker and denser fabric for curtains, shades or blinds.


Blinds are one of the most commonly used forms of discrete window treatments. They are inexpensive and come in almost any color and material. Metal, plastic and wood blinds are popular choices. Blinds install inside or outside of the window frame, and can be pulled up out of the way or opened to allow sunlight in when privacy is not an issue.


Shades will add privacy to any room. They pull down easily, and roll up just as quickly to allow sunlight into the room or to let you to look out the window. Shades come in many designs and colors and can match nearly every decorating style and theme. Valances and swags will block the top portion of the window, and café curtains or closed shutters will cover the bottom view.


Privacy window treatments also prevent potential burglars from checking out of items of value inside your home. Privacy treatments come in all forms–cloth, wood, metal, vinyl and almost any other material imaginable. You can create privacy by layering curtains. Try a drape hung over sheers, hanging over a shade.


Continental Window Fashions will provide you with drapery hardware, curtain rods, rings, hold-backs and brackets, decorative drapery rods, finials, and specialty window hardware for any application or decor taste. With designer drapery and curtain hardware from Paris Texas Hardware, Drapery Hardware, Kirsch Drapery Hardware ONA, Graber Curtain Rods, and House Parts Drapery Hardware, you will many options to choose from. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Living Small But Creatively


Living small forces you to live creatively. If you live, sleep, study and spend time with friends all in one place, with so much going on, it can get messy and mixed up quickly. What you need is a simple system that keeps your different zones separated — an extra wall or two to mark each space within your place. Vesta Hardware is the answer. Most Vesta hardware items are imported from overseas bringing the modern European drapery look here to the United States. Vesta offers a vast array of modern drapery hardware products including the Techno Track Collection, high end traverse drapery rod system.

Hanging curtains around the bed in a studio apartment partitions off the sleeping area with a soft flow of fabric that separates the bed from the other living areas without the bulk and inflexibility of dividers, screens and other hard barriers.

For today’s project you will need:

Curtain Track System


Plaster/ceiling anchor



Measure the length of the ceiling area on which you want to run your curtains, using a measuring tape. Draw a faint line representing this area with a pencil.
Hold the track pieces up to the ceiling along the path you’ve marked. Make marks onto the wall, through the screw holes in the tracks.

Poke small holes into the ceiling with your awl where you made your screw marks. Hold your hardware pieces back up, lined up against the holes. Drill your threaded drywall anchors into the small holes, attaching the tracks to the ceiling.
Insert the hooks included in your track kit onto the tracks, according to package instructions.

When considering the number of curtain panels to buy, think about tripling the width. This trick provides an abundance of gathers to make a translucent curtain more private, or a heavier curtain more sumptuous. The less gathers there are, the more see-through a translucent curtain appears.

Done!  Privacy, creativity, and splendor all in one afternoon.
A few things to consider:

**Make sure you aren’t leaving even the smallest space between track pieces: the closer together the pieces are the smoother the curtains will open and close.
**You will probably need two people to finish the job. Invite a friend, celebrate afterward.
**Once the track is in place, hang the curtains at regular, even intervals.

Spice Up Your Bamboo Shade


Lewis Hyman Inc. has been an industry leader in the production of wall shelving and ready-made natural bamboo and fabric window treatment since 1930. Using the finest materials, colors and textures, Lewis Hyman has long been offering high-quality craftsmanship and artistic originality with their line of window treatments and shades. Choose from the wide selection of Lewis Hyman products and add personality  and texture to your walls and windows today with a bamboo shade.
A wonderful perk of the bamboo shade is that it can work in casual and dressy spaces, alone or under other window treatments. Add color in your kitchen with a Roman shade from Lewis Hyman above a breakfast table. Paint a shade in a home office, kid’s room or entry way. Lewis Hyman bamboo Roman shades come in rich colors and textures, blending natural matchstick and bamboo in earth tones with an intricate weaving cord. They are light filtering, providing privacy and energy efficient insulation.
Using basic painting supplies such as sponges, stamps, and simple stencils, the technique is easy, fast, and fun. No one has to know easily you transformed your room into a lavish space! Painting a motif of your choice is simple, thanks to a good goof-proof stencil.

*Center the stencil on the front side of a bamboo shade so that the top of the design lines up with the top of the shade.
* Secure with painter’s tape.
* Following the stencil package directions, use a stencil brush and acrylic paint that coordinates with your decor to gently tamp the design onto the shade.
* Dry for 30 minutes, and apply a second coat.
*Wait another 30 minutes before carefully removing the stencil.
*The shade should dry for at least an hour before hanging.
Continental Window Fashions is proud to present the Lewis Hyman collection. With free shipping orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday – Friday, Continental Widow Fashions strives to make your ordering experience as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call toll free at 866-375-4500.