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Beaded Curtains – Creating a Magical Vibe



Strands of colored beads can be used to soften a stark window rather than to provide warmth or protect privacy. Adding beads to your window automatically creates an avaunt-guard  vibe to your room. Graber 3/4 Inch Tradition Cafe Rods are perfect for this project. Since 1939 Graber has been a leader in the drapery hardware and curtain rod business. They make quality hardware at competitive prices.

DIY beaded curtains will give a traditional lace covered window a modern, fanciful look. What better place to drift off to sleep than in a dreamy ethereal bedroom with the moonlight creating prisms of jewel toned colors across your bed?
Extend the glassy theme onto a windowsill arrangement with decorative glasses and bottles. The rainbow of colors in the glass beads has a definite magical feel and will transform an otherwise plain and stark window into something more ethereal.


Creating your beaded curtains is easier than you think. Follow these easy steps and transform your space into the place of your dreams.
*Shop for beads of different sizes and shapes, as well as clear beading string or fishing line.

* Measure the length of the window to determine the length of your string.

*String beads using a combination of larger and smaller beads and tie off the opposite end when finished.

*Repeat the process with different pieces of string and attach to the curtain rod.

*Measure 2 inches above the window on the left corner and mark the location with a pencil. Measure 2 inches up from the right corner and mark the location on the wall.

*Holding the beaded curtain rod above the widow, center it so it overhangs evenly on each side of the frame. Line the rod up so the top of the rod sits on the pencil marks.

*Mark the mounting holes on the rod.

*Drill a starter hole in each of the marked hanger holes.

*Screw the brackets into the starter holes. Adjust them until their bases sit flush to the wall and the hook opening is facing upward. Slide the curtain rod over the hooks to hang it.

*Sit back and surround yourself with swirling  bits of color.

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