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A Bed Fit for Royalty



There is more to curtain rods than just windows. Graber Bay and Bow Window Curtain Rods has a fantastic custom made traverse rod. Do you have a princess deserving of a bedroom fit for royalty? There isn’t anything sweeter than a canopy bed in a little girl’s room. Little girls love to fantasize about being a princess. Her make-believe world is one of great luxury. Her bedroom becomes her castle and her dolls become her ladies in waiting. Every princess wants to rules from her very own throne. After following the simple directions for a circular canopy, your princess can embellish it with jewels, decorate it with embroidered pillows and surround it with pink.

Materials needed:
Custom Bow Window Traverse Rod
Cassidy West Panels: (sewn with a 1″ double folded side hem and 4″ bottom hem. All top styles can accommodate a 1 1/2″ curtain rod.)
Screw anchors
1. Install the circle curtain rod on the wall above the head of the bed by using screws and a drill. For an extra degree of security, predrill the holes and insert screw anchors before attaching the circle curtain rod to the wall.
2 Measure the distance from the curtain rod to the floor
3. Measure the circumference of the curtain rod, multiply by 2 and then divide it by 4.
4. Cut four rectangles of fabric that match the measurements you found in steps 2 and 3.
5. Hang the fabric rectangles from the curtain rod and spread the fabric around and over the bed, puddling it on the floor on either side of the headboard.
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