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An Exotic way to Display your Family


Faux bamboo originated in Asia. Western traders discovered it along the Silk Roads and brought it to the West during the 18th century. Even Louis XIV used the faux-bamboo motif at the Palace of Versailles! Not to be confused with natural rattan, faux-bamboo is man-made through a meticulous process. Each piece is cast from a hand-crafted mold and then assembled together. It works anywhere, from beach retreats to city flats.
Bamboo drapery rods and drapery hardware accessories from Phase II are made from carved wood and resin that simulate the look of real bamboo. Phase II Bamboo rods are carved out of wood poles to simulate the real look of bamboo. Your finishes and looks will be more consistent than what real bamboo can provide. Made from wood and resin, faux bamboo rods let you create stylish and exotic themes for your home reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Phase II bamboo rod diameters are 1 1/4 inches. They are available in two color finishes: Mahogany and Oak, at 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot lengths. When choosing Phase II bamboo rods, it’s important that you realize that although we will not cut these poles down for you, they can be cut down at home. How? Take equal amounts off each end of the pole. Easy! Need a pole longer that what is listed? Simply connect 2 poles together with a connector screw and use a center support bracket to hide the seam giving you an extra-long curtain rod.
We love to link our outdoor spaces with our indoor spaces and we love to create interiors that are both beautiful and hospitable. Bamboo makes this an elegant possibility. It’s rare to find a piece that works just as well on the porch as it does in your foyer. Just a piece or two of bamboo can instantly downplay a formal space or liven up a boring room. Why not create a rotating display of cherished family pictures? A stylish, interchangeable hanging display can be put together easily .Suspended a collection of neutral-toned s frames from extra-wide, striped ribbons looped over a handsome faux-bamboo curtain rod from the Bamboo drapery rods collection from Phase II.  After hanging the curtain rod, determine where the frames should fall. Try staggered heights, as this creates a less formal look. After filling the frames with photos turn them face-down on a flat surface and attach a length of ribbon to the center of the top and bottom edges of the frame with a staple gun (hot glue would work, too), allowing a “tail” to trail out from the bottom. The looped ribbon then slides onto the rod — and slides off easily again when you are ready to change your display. Tip: Choose shallow brackets so your rod sits relatively close to the wall — if the frames hang too far away, they may swing a bit instead of facing straight ahead.
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