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Living Small But Creatively


Living small forces you to live creatively. If you live, sleep, study and spend time with friends all in one place, with so much going on, it can get messy and mixed up quickly. What you need is a simple system that keeps your different zones separated — an extra wall or two to mark each space within your place. Vesta Hardware is the answer. Most Vesta hardware items are imported from overseas bringing the modern European drapery look here to the United States. Vesta offers a vast array of modern drapery hardware products including the Techno Track Collection, high end traverse drapery rod system.

Hanging curtains around the bed in a studio apartment partitions off the sleeping area with a soft flow of fabric that separates the bed from the other living areas without the bulk and inflexibility of dividers, screens and other hard barriers.

For today’s project you will need:

Curtain Track System


Plaster/ceiling anchor



Measure the length of the ceiling area on which you want to run your curtains, using a measuring tape. Draw a faint line representing this area with a pencil.
Hold the track pieces up to the ceiling along the path you’ve marked. Make marks onto the wall, through the screw holes in the tracks.

Poke small holes into the ceiling with your awl where you made your screw marks. Hold your hardware pieces back up, lined up against the holes. Drill your threaded drywall anchors into the small holes, attaching the tracks to the ceiling.
Insert the hooks included in your track kit onto the tracks, according to package instructions.

When considering the number of curtain panels to buy, think about tripling the width. This trick provides an abundance of gathers to make a translucent curtain more private, or a heavier curtain more sumptuous. The less gathers there are, the more see-through a translucent curtain appears.

Done!  Privacy, creativity, and splendor all in one afternoon.
A few things to consider:

**Make sure you aren’t leaving even the smallest space between track pieces: the closer together the pieces are the smoother the curtains will open and close.
**You will probably need two people to finish the job. Invite a friend, celebrate afterward.
**Once the track is in place, hang the curtains at regular, even intervals.