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Attach a Curtain Rail Above the Window

Curtain rails are usually installed directly to a window frame, an arrangement that can hamper the opening and closing of the curtain, and reducing the amount of light that shines into the room. Another way to do it, and enable sufficient light into the room is is to mount the track on the outside of the window recess so the curtains can be drawn well back from the recess and admit the maximum amount of sunshine. To provide a secure place for the brackets, it’s best to install a wooden furring strip on which to mount the rail. A furring strip mounting is an especially good idea if the wall surface is lath-and-plaster (see the October 29 blog post for working with plasters and lath walls).

* Use a level to place the furring strip horizontally above the recess, then draw a guide line with a pencil.
*Drill the pilot holes and secure the furring strip to the wall surface.
*Draw another guide line along the center of the furring strip
*Position brackets on the screws.
*Position the required number of gliders on the rail and attach the end support to keep the gliders from slipping.
*Clip the rail onto the brackets.

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DIY Installation of Cassidy West Drapery Hardware

Cassidy West Drapery Hardware has been providing top quality drapery hardware for over 20 years. Leading the industry in creative design and craftsmanship, they hand craft every drapery rod giving it uniqueness and character that is rare in today’s mass market world.

Cassidy West Drapery Hardware is made with plantation wood, wrought iron, nickel, and hand blown glass. They never use plastics. The Contemporary metals are affordable and adjustable. Cassidy promises authentic, eco-friendly materials, handcraftsmanship, magnetic brackets, and easy installation.
If you are a do it yourself decorator, the Cassidy West Hardware system is easy to install following these simple steps:

  • Step One: Using the Bracket Mounting Template
  • StepTwo: Drill two pilot holes per side for each shown above, mark the location on the wall for bracket (3/16″ drill bit) insert wall anchors and the mounting screws.
  • Step Three: Hang draperies on the rod and place into bracket

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