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The View from Your Window



Curtains play many roles in the home. Not only do they decorate and help insulate a room, they also provide a sense of security and comfort. Do your windows face the street or look into your neighbor’s house? There are two options for those rooms in which visibility is an issue. Choose heavy materials, finer weaves or darker colors, or perhaps a double layer of curtain and blinds. Blinds are no longer the ugly stepsister of the window world. Today, there are incredible choices in every color of the rainbow.

Curtains that open without a fuss are a necessity. People who have a wonderful view from their kitchen window find this especially true. Choose curtains that are functional as well as pretty. Drapes with a pull are an option, but it’s perfectly okay to choose curtains that simply slide on the rod, as long as the rod is reachable.

When you’re deciding whether to choose a dark or light color, remember that the decision will impact the entire room. Darker colors will limit the light in your rooms, great if someone works late hours and tends to sleep during the day. However, if you’re looking to lighten up a room, choose lighter colors for your curtains. The pale colors will tend to let sunlight filter through, even if the curtains are so heavy that you can’t see through them.

Whichever style of drapery you decide to go with, the next step is the hardware. Traditional or contemporary, wood, iron or metal? Decorative drapery hardware from Robert Allen should be your first choice when selecting high end drapery hardware. Robert Allen offers decorative and beautiful drapery hardware in many different styles. If its modern drapery hardware you’re looking for, see the Al Fresco Collection, or if it’s something more traditional we recommend the Bedpost Collection.

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