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Doors No More


Are doors an advantage or not?  Some doors are, of course, unavoidable necessities, but the majority are simply a nuisance and a bore. Curtains are a simple, elegant alternative to use for closet door. They work well in children’s rooms because they eliminate the possibility of pinched fingers and the inevitable angry slam. You can select curtains in colors that match the wall paint to create the appearance of a seamless transition from wall to closet, or you can use the curtain to achieve a focal point and bring in needed color, style or texture in a room’s decor.


Will the entire door opening be covered?
Will a curtain draped with a holdback on one side satisfy the look?
Will sconces holding a rod with curtain match the decor?
Will tie backs be used?
Will the curtain be hung in the opening?
Will the curtain be hung above the opening?
Do you want to camouflage the opening or create a focal point?


1. Place a tape measure below the top of the door frame and measure the width of the frame. The measurement is the length needed for the curtain pole.

2. Purchase inside-mount sockets to hold the curtain rod. Sockets come in different sizes and the pole must be able to fit inside the socket. ONA wrought iron curtain rod brackets are individually handmade and finished exactly to your specifications. All brackets are made to coordinate with the rod size and style that your order. Most brackets are drop in style with a set screw to hold the curtain rod in place after installation.

3. Position the socket on the inside of the door frame, 1 inch from the top of the door frame. Use a pencil to mark the placement of the screw onto the inside door frame.

4. Use a hammer and nail to create a starter hole for the screw. Pound a nail ¼ inch into the wall and remove the nail. The hole makes it easier to drill the screw.

5. Hold one socket against the frame and match the hole in the socket with the starter hole. Use a cordless screwdriver to drive the screw and attach the socket. Attach the second socket using this method.

6. Place the curtain onto the pole and place the pole into the sockets.


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