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The Jewels in the Paris Texas Crown



Continental Window Fashions is a leading online retailer of drapery hardware, curtain rods, and decorative window films. The company has become the place to go for aspiring home decorators looking to make their dreams come true when dressing their windows. Continental Window Fashions is pleased to announce that Paris Texas Hardware is pushing the limits of drapery accents with innovative and elegant hardware collections. Paris Texas Hardware lets the home designer mix and match elements to create the look preferred in any space.
With sophisticated finial carvings and stunning gold tones, shades of white and more, the Somerset Collection brings a new edge to traditional drapery accents allowing the decorator to create a classically elegant space. Located just outside Orlando, Florida in Oviedo, Continental Window Fashions ships throughout the United States and worldwide offering products from popular companies like Kirsch, Graber, Paris Texas, Ona, House Parts and LJB.


The Somerset Collection is an awe-inspiring collection inspired by the architectural elements found centuries ago in the gardens of aristocratic England. Imagine how Somerset will fill the window niches of any home with design inspiration taken from classic urns, benches and statuary. Gilded in the golden tones of the Renaissance, this collection radiates an Old World elegance adding warmth and character to modern-day interiors. Fastidiously hand-crafted and finished, every finial, bracket and hold-back is a piece of art and the elegant finishes that adorn this collection are truly beyond compare.


The other jewel in the Paris Texas crown, the Villiers Collection is already setting the industry on fire. In beautiful colors, the dozens of finials and brackets make the possibilities endless. The collection uses a mix of metal, resin, and wood materials, as well as both 1″ and 2″ pole sizes giving one the ability to become a window fashion professional. Villiers also features that are hard to find such as the double bracket. Use the double bracket to create the up to the minute after dual layered look.


The addition of the Paris Texas collections is setting Continental Window Fashions at a distance from other retailers. Their unique collections and the ability to manufacture them at lower costs enable the home designer to dress windows without breaking the bank. CEO, David Wright, who came to Continental Window Fashions in 2003, says that “We have brought together several industry professionals whose number one goal is to make sure you get the right product in the quickest way possible. We not only want to have competitive pricing, we also want to focus on 100% customer satisfaction. That not only includes service during the sale, but service after the sale as well.” It seems to be working, because Continental Window Fashions’ customers are returning again and again to purchase their drapery hardware and products.
Windows are a defining statement of taste in any home, moving beyond merely sheltering families from the outdoors. Continental Window Fashions will help dress any window with collections featuring designer-inspired color palettes, striking textures and beautiful fabrics that reflect timeless fashion and sophisticated style.
Continental Window Fashions understands its clientele, and wants to give them something special in order to give every window a chance to shine. Continental Window Fashions is proud to present The Paris Texas collections. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help their customer make those dreams come true.

Trick or Treat!


The holidays are coming! In fact, Halloween is just around the corner Have you started jacking up your house for that frightful night? Let’s create an interchangeable hanging display that can be put together easily.

Suspend a collection of wooden blocks from extra-wide ribbons looped over a striking curtain rod and finial from the Robert Allen Ferraforte Collection. Robert Allen is inspired by historical iron castings, the styles ranging from classic to contemporary. The Ferraforte collection is influenced by traditional ironwork from around the world. After hanging the curtain rod, determined where the wood blocks should fall. Try staggered heights, as this creates a more organic look. Turn the blocks over face-down on a flat surface and attached a length of ribbon to the center of the top and bottom edges a staple gun (hot glue would work, too). The looped ribbon then slides onto the rod — and slides off easily again when you are ready for the next holiday. Tip: Choose shallow brackets so your rod sits relatively close to the wall — if the frames hang too far away, they may swing a bit instead of facing straight ahead.

To create the lettered blocks follow these simple directions:

*Cut blocks into squares (not too big or they will be heavy and unwieldy)
* Paint the blocks
*Mod-Podge scrap paper
* Distressed edges with sandpaper
* Apply vinyl letters
*Attach ribbon
*Hang on curtain rod

Hang the Finial Company curtain rod according to manufacturer’s directions. Now you have an arrangement to trade out every holiday! Use it for birthdays too – simply hang lettered blocks spelling out the birthday girl/boy’s name.

Continental Window Fashions will help make your home ready for the holidays. The Robert Allen Ferraforte Collection is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Step-by-Step Windows

Continental Window Fashions is now featuring House Parts Drapery Hardware, an extensive line of decorative metal hardware designs to suit even the most discriminating tastes. House Parts has been in the business of making high quality drapery hardware since 1979 at some of the most competitive prices. It used to be easy choosing drapery hardware because choices were limited. However today, many choices are available making it possible to choose hardware to complement your room’s decor. Uniquely designed with elegance that is unsurpassed, House Parts Drapery Hardware is classic, contemporary, traditional and retro, a beautiful accessory to any home decor. All pieces are hand-cast and hand-finished. Inherent variations add to the unique and individual charm of each piece. Drapes add color, style and interest to any room. Hanging your own hardware and drapery isn’t really that difficult. Let’s do it step by step:

  • 1 .Decide on your choice of hardware: traverse-style rods for pinch-pleated drapes, , curtain rods for pocket drapes, combination rods to handle more than one set of drapes on a window, or decorative poles for rod-pocket and tab-top drapes.
  • 2. Which type of material best suits your decor? Wooden hardware goes well in traditional or rustic homes whereas brushed nickel or cast iron are more common in modern homes. Use the same material for all of the hardware in a single room.
  • 3. Finials — decorative or plain? Finials were once just basic round balls but now come in many shapes crosses and arrows, including spirals. Line up the finials so they are even with the outside of the window’s moldings.
  • 4. Make sure the poles are strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain. Slim poles work well with lightweight curtains or sheers. Wide poles are stronger than thinner ones and also provide a more elegant look.
  • 5. Curtains need two brackets but those on wider windows will need at least one more bracket in the center to support the weight of the window treatments.
  • 6. Use rings and pull backs that are in the same material as the rest of the hardware. Ring should be large enough to fit over the curtain rod and hold the curtains without pinching them.

Drapery hardware from House Parts is ready to ship to you very quickly. Available in just days instead of weeks, House Parts is a great choice for quality drapery hardware at an unbeatable price. With all of the popular wooden drapery pole sizes along with complete metal sets and 1″ wrought iron, House Parts has all of the styles you need.
House Parts Drapery Hardware is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection of high quality drapery hardware to their loyal customers. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.


  LJB drapery hardware offers unique, custom drapery hardware incorporating wood, wrought iron and resin into their exquisite designs. LJB wooden rods are crafted from farmed hardwood, the most eco-friendly wood available on the market. Our custom drapery products start out unfinished and are hand painted or stained. This techniques insures that all drapery hardware matches perfectly. The LJB Kailey collection, boasts of decorative finials with intricate details and smooth surfaces. All finishes are hand painted by skilled artisans who pay attention to every detail. This gorgeous collection of hardware resonates elegance and beauty. LJB has an extensive line of finials, Versallie, Venetiza and Louisa to name a few. Versallie is a resin finial that comes in a variety of beautifully rich colors, Antique Gold, Mahogany Gold or Iridescent Pearl. We also have a wood drapery hardware collection of curtain rods, brackets, rings and finials. LJB Wood Collection is available in Unfinished, Standard Colors or Speciality Colors like Antique Pewter or White Gold. We can also do a Custom color, matching your exact  needs for any room or decorum. LJB’s wrought iron curtain rods can be cut to size, these rods are not telescoping. As we do with customized colors, we can also custom cut your rod to your exact specifications free of charge. Our Wrought Iron collection is available in the standard unfinished black or choose from a myriad of dynamic colors. From Shimmering Sky, Pharoaoh’s Gold, Sapphire, Copper Penny to Hunter Green. The LJB wrought iron color collection is sure to add color and flair to any home or office.
  LJB drapery hardware is the name you can trust. All LJB wooden drapery hardware items are manufactured here in the United States, from the highest quality materials available. So if you’re eco-friendly, have a flair for beauty and elegance, then look no further, LJB Drapery Hardware is just what the Drapery doctor ordered.

House Parts Drapery; Beautifying Homes From The Inside

It was 1979 when House Parts Drapery Hardware company was born. For over 30 years House Parts Drapery Hardware has been continually producing high quality drapery hardware at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. House Parts Drapery Hardware is proud to offer time-honored craftsmanship in each and every one of our products . The House Parts tradition continually captures the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship. Artistic and technical merge together, promising unique construction with individually hand finished pieces. Some of the pieces are originals from National and International museums, private collections and dismantled historic structures. House Parts Drapery also produce exquiste replicas made by highly skilled and knowledgeable artisan mold makers. Having over 40 finials, several styles of rings and decorative brackets, means you can create a look that sets your windows apart from all the rest. House Parts Drapery also has a bamboo line that features a unique process that uses resin over PVC pipe. Giving you the ability to customize your bamboo poles to fit any window. Always bringing the highest quality products to market, we feature a wrought iron collection that is out of this world! With  ornate brackets and specialized rings to enhance the appearance of this collection, it is completely innovative and stylish with a totally different look than all competitors. Featuring many metal pole styles from Katherine, Tortoise pole or the ever popular Frederika, House Parts Drapery provides the freedom to create that decorative treatment for any room.
When it comes time to beautify your home or office, explore the most competitvely priced, highest quality craftsmanship and unique styles in the drapery industry. With House Parts Drapery, a pioneer for over 30 years. Thats, a proven track record! Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Elegance and Simplicity with Paris Texas Drapery Hardware

Paris Texas is synonymous with high end, exquisitely beautiful curtain rods, finials and accessories. As one of the most well known and respected companies and pioneers in the drapery hardware  industry, Paris Texas combines the elegance of wrought iron with the simplicity of wood, creating and un-deniably distinctive design with its Viller collection and classic, English inspired  Somerset collection.  All Paris Texas drapery hardware items have high quality finishes and are sure to please even the most meticulous home owners, with a magnificent array of styles to choose from. For instance, our newest collection, Paris Texas Hardware Portfolio, combines the old with the new; old classics with new updated styles, color patterns and designs. Once again, quality comes through with the release of the Dominion Collection  inspired by Mid-Century modernism. A palette of retro-modern shapes and furniture inspired finishes will complete your newly bedecked modern room, or it will add a sleek, avant garde edge to a traditional room, beckoning you to explore the endless possibilities of creating the beauty inside your home with only your imagination as the limiting factor. Paris Texas also hits the spot with the creation of its stylish Valcour collection designed with the savvy retail client in mind. Blending economy and fashion with high quality is what Paris Texas is known for. This collection is priced 20-40% less than most of their other collections, allowing even the most stringent of budgets to bring elegance and beauty to the home or office. Paris Drapery hardware is pleasing to the eyes and easy on the finances!

Exquisite Design and Detail from Kirsch Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Drapery Hardware has exploded onto the design forefront and has become a top pick for many decorators seeking to add a classic elegance to their window treatments. Quality, impeccable design, and competitive pricing has created a loyal following of Kirsch customers who return again and again to Continental Window Fashions for all of their window treatment needs.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware has an extensive selection of styles from which to choose.  The Wood Trends Collection offers rich colors and subtle grains with furniture grade finishes.  Beautifully fluted poles, pine cone finials and richly finished, double drapery brackets are just some of the featured designs that speak to period when the finest of artisans handcrafted such perfect designs. Kirsch’s Metal Accessories Collection includes exquisite medallions, holdback extensions, swivel sockets and end caps that will create an exciting elegance to door and window treatments. The Kirsch Metal collection can stand alone but also coordinates beautifully with the Estate Ultra and Studio Coordinates collections. Choose from six designs and five different finishes like  Brushed Copper, Satin Nickel and Antique Brass to create unlimited design options. The Kirsch Mix and Match Collection projects a contemporary essence, mixing eclectic materials such as; leather, metal, glass, wood, and mother of pearl that will inspire unique and eye-catching design possibilities. With Kirsch Drapery Hardware, windows can be effortlessly transformed into admired works of art.

Faux Bamboo in Your Home

Faux Bamboo in your home

Bamboo drapery rods and drapery hardware accessories from Phase II are made from carved wood and resin that simulate the look of real bamboo. Bamboo curtain rings, curtain rods, finials and brackets are available in two different sizes and finishes so you’re sure to find a bamboo drapery hardware solution to meet your decorating needs.

Please note that these items are not real bamboo ( see Menagerie real bamboo drapery rods). They are carved out of wood poles to simulate the real look of bamboo. Your finishes and looks will be more consistent than what real bamboo can provide. Made from wood and resin, faux bamboo rods let you create stylish and exotic themes for your home reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Phase II bamboo rod diameters are 1 1/4 inches. They are available in two color finishes: Mahogany and Oak, at 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot lengths. When choosing Phase II bamboo rods, it’s important that you realize that although we will not cut these poles down for you, they can be cut down at home. How? Take equal amounts off each end of the pole. Easy! Need a pole longer that what is listed? Simply connect 2 poles together with a connector screw and use a center support bracket to hide the seam giving you an extra-long curtain rod.
Phase II bamboo drapery hardware items are in stock and usually ship in about 7 business days direct from the manufacturer.
Continental Window Fashions will give the home or business owner who is looking to add beauty and elegance to their windows a chance to make their exotic decorating dreams come true. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone

Vesta Hardware and Accessories

Continental Window Fashions is now featuring Vesta Drapery Hardware and Accessories, an extensive line of decorative hardware designs to suit even the most particular of tastes. Vesta features solid brass, genuine wrought iron, stainless steel, crystal, premium wood, marble, ceramics and resin and is considered to be the most modern of drapery hardware.

Most Vesta hardware items are imported from overseas bringing the modern European drapery hardware look here to the United States. Vesta Drapery Hardware and Accessories offers a vast array of modern drapery hardware products including drapery rods, drapery rings, decorative finials, tiebacks, rosette kits, drapery wands, traverse curtain rod systems and so much more.

Looking for a high end traverse drapery? Vesta’s Techno Track collection is hand-traversedand designed with extensive one-way draws in mind. The collection’s Techno brackets support the aluminum extruded tracking from above allowing all gliders unfettered access across the entire bottom rail of the track. Most items are stocked and available for quick shipping.

How can you finish off your rods? Vesta’s Crystal Magic collection exudes the kind of high elegance that inspires awe. These finials represent the opulent eye-catching sparkle of high-leaded French crystal. All finials are precision hand-cut and available in a variety of rich colors and six base finishes. Designed as newel post toppers, they may also be used as drapery finials on 2″ (Imperial Rome) and 2 1/4″ (Highland Timber) diameter rods. Vesta’s Crystal Magic collection exudes the kind of high elegance that inspires awe. These finials represent the opulent eye-catching sparkle of high-leaded French crystal. All finials are precision hand-cut and available in a variety of shapes, rich colors and six base finishes.
Continental Window Fashions is a dream come true for window designers and any home or business owner seeking to add beauty and elegance to their windows Vesta Drapery Hardware and Accessories is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection of high quality drapery hardware to their customers. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone