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Put Away Your Hammer


Not all of us can walk through our home with hammer and nails in hand. If your lease or dorm rules prohibit you from nailing up drapery brackets you need to find a get creative. One solution would be to use a tension rod from Umbra which will allow you to hang lightweight curtains without mounting hardware. You can also use tmporary hook. The kind that stick on the wall and then remove with out damage. As long as your window treatments are not too heavy, either method you select will be adequate for holding up the hardware.

To install a tension rod, measure the length and width of the inside of the window frame. Choose a curtain made from lightweight fabric. The length should ideally be equal to or slightly shorter than the length of the inside of the window frame. The width can vary, depending on how much fullness you desire. Tension rods are adjustable within a certain range. Be sure to pick the longest rod that will fit in your window to ensure the greatest amount of spring tension to keep the rod secure. Turn the end sections of the rod to change the length, making it slightly less wide than the window opening.Slide the curtains on and then place the rod near the top of the wiindow frame at a spot where the hem of the curtain will brush the window sill.

If you decide to uses temporary hooks, attach them as you would nails – one on each corner of the window just outside the frame. It’s best if you leave the hooks in place for about an hour to let the adhesive set up. When picking curtains for this application, make sure the weight of the fabric does not exceed the combined weight of the two hooks.

Sometimes a sheer curtain or one that is lightweight enough to hang from either of these two methods isn’t quite enough. Designed to cling to your window through the use of static electricity, window cling film from Etch Art is completely removable and reusable. Installation is easy. Just wash the window, trim the film to size and apply a layer of water to the window. Place the film against the window and squeegee away any excess water and air. Add a decorative touch or use privacy films to help keep any eyes from looking in.

Now there’s no excuse to be stuck with boring apartment or dormitory vertical blinds ever again. Put away your useless hammer and get out your ruler or tape measure and get to work!

A-Z Window Treatments and Curtain Hardware Part VII



Are you interested in learning even more about window coverings and curtain hardware? These terms will help you become more informed about wrought iron and wooden drapery hardware. This is the last segment of your go-to guide to curtain and drapery hardware.

Window Scarf: A long piece of fabric casually draped over a pole or rod at the top of a window much like a valance. The center is gently pulled down to create a soft curve.
Wrought Iron Rod Sets: Looking for a complete line that includes everything from iron rings and brackets to several different finial choices? LJB Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware designs wrought iron drapery rods, finials, brackets and curtain rod rings. All finials, brackets and rings are solid wrought iron and are available in a variety of sizes. All wrought iron curtain rods can be cut to size, these are not telescopic. Need 110 double curtain rods? No problem, you can order extra-long curtain rods up to 16 feet from LJB.
Wooden Drapery Hardware and Curtain Rods: One of the largest selections of wooden drapery hardware can only be found Continental Window Fashions. They feature wooden drapery rods from all the major manufacturers like Kirsch, Paris Texas, and the Finial Company. First you can select your choice of wood poles, then the wood drapery rod brackets followed by the wooden curtain rings of your choice. To finish off your wood drapery hardware you can also select the available wood curtain rod finials or simple wood end caps. Its mix and match at its best!
Wooden Hardware from the Finial Company: Custom wooden drapery hardware items are hand finished to your specifications. They start with unfinished high quality raw materials and finish everything from your order at once to match perfectly. If you’re looking to make a statement with your window treatments, the Finial Company is the way to go with literally hundreds of combinations to choose from.
Wooden Hardware from Kirsch Buckingham Drapery Hardware: Kirsch Buckingham wooden drapery hardware is all hand finished and custom order only. This is Kirsch’s high end wooden drapery hardware collection. Kirsch offers a large selection of decorative curtain rods, finials, rings, brackets, hold-backs and sconces. If you’re looking for drapery hardware to match your exquisite taste, then look no further. Available in 1 3/8 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch diameters.
Wooden Traverse Rods from Kirsch Estate: Kirsch Estate Ultra wooden traverse rods emphasize sophistication while traversing heavy weight draperies of up to 56 pounds. Indulge your imagination with the numerous finials and finish selections that coordinate with the Kirsch Buckingham collection.
All of the Estate Ultra traverse rods come complete with the necessary brackets and 3 traverse slides.
Wooden Trends Collection from Kirsch: 1 3/8″ Wood Trends drapery hardware collection is one of the best-selling wooden drapery hardware lines in the United States. Kirsch’s reputation for quality curtain rods is obvious in number of components offered, such as swivel sockets, hidden brackets, wooden elbows and decorative hold-backs.
Wooden Somerset Collection from Paris Texas: The Paris Texas Somerset Collection is a breathtaking collection inspired by the architectural elements found for centuries in the gardens of England. Picture Somerset Collection filling the window niches of your home with design inspiration taken from classic urns, benches and statuary.
Wooden Collection from Robert Allen Costume: Antique hatpins discovered in a Paris antique market were the inspiration for this collection. The use of opaque and translucent materials in classic forms is a luxury for your home.
Wooden Vesta Highland Timber 2 3/4 Inch Collection: Vesta’s Highland Timber 2 3/4″ collection features a gallery of masterfully carved wood finials and drapery hardware accessories. All components are made available as unfinished and in stain-grade so that they become the blank canvas for your own unique interpretations.


The 20th century has seen the explosion of the Do It Yourself generation. Now, giving your home windows a face lift is as easy as 1-2-3.

Introducing Window Film, the newest, most innovative and cost effective method for changing the look of windows, glass doors, mirrors and even shower doors. Designed to cling to glass surfaces through the use of static electricity, these  window cling films are completely removable and reusable. With many different types of Window Film to choose from, any look can be achieved. Enhance the beauty of a room with decorative window film like ‘etched’ or ‘stained glass’ featured in our Etched Art collection. These static window films add a decorative touch, or add privacy to block that unwanted view. We also offer a line of Window Film that focuses on sun and heat control, Gila.  Gila has created a  static cling solar window film which comes in three different colors that is easy to apply, durable and an affordable alternative to professional installation. This window tint film reduces the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays and stops excessive heating after intstallation. The Gila heat control window tint also reflects up to 55% of the summer heat, which will save home owners hundreds of dollars yearly in heating and cooling costs alone. Nothing is easier than static window film. Installation is a snap. Simply  wash your window, trim your film to size and apply a layer of water to your  window to easily set the film in place. Then squeegee away any excess water and  air and you’re done. That’s it!  No muss, no fuss!  Since all window film is removable, reusable and does not use any adhesives, it makes it the perfect Do It Yourself project.

 Window film is safe for dual windows and  allows the decorative, creative genius inside you to come out. Add flair to the patio sliding glass door, bring life to that old bay window in the living room and reduce your heating and air conditioning bills. Whichever way you look at it, window film is the way to go!


Window tattoos are the newest rave in window design. No longer do you have to shell out big cash to have custom windows made. Etched Art Window film has given the Do-It-Yourself generation the creative freedom to create their very own custom windows at a fraction of the cost, with Etched Art static cling window film. These static cling window films are great for adding privacy or to block any unwanted view, while still allowing light to filter through. Etched Art window film designs recreate the look of stained or etched glass adding a unique customizable look to any window or glass, anywhere in your home or office including bathrooms. Adhesive-free static cling window film makes it a snap to do it yourself and if the mood strikes like it sometimes does, then removing and changing the window film is simple and easy.

  Etched Art window film takes custom window to heights that only your imagination can limit. Styles like Deco Spots inspire words like “Beautiful” and “Love it” when people see the Deco Spots splatter your window or door, even making you smile everytime you see them. Deco Spots transform ordinary into extra-ordinary easily with adhesive-free, removable and re-usable window film. Oh, the beauty of simplicity! The creative expression doesn’t stop there. With the Aspen or Austin window film the ‘etched glass’ look is now beautifully achieved. A fun design that will complement many decorating styles and inexpensive enough for the most stringent budget. Next , Etched Art features a ‘stained glass’ look with the Biscayne Privacy design.  This Stained glass design is the easy way to decorate your room with the relaxing colors of nature or to transform any window or glass door into a beautiful stained glass, that looks like it cost hundreds of dollars.  Biscayne Privacy stained glass pattern coordinates with many color motifs and decorating styles. Privacy design obscures visibility through the glass day and night. Etched Art window film also design borders, corners and centers. Window film applications are limitless.
  Etched Art window films incorporate real glass for an authentic sparkle and shimmer. Vinyl window film is 8 mil thick and filters 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Window films help reduce heat and save energy as well as protect your furnishing from premature fading. Steam and moisture will not affect these window films so it’s great for bathroom windows and showers. Adhesive free, Do It Yourself, Etched Art window film, a great product at a great price!