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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall



Mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They are truly a versatile, decorative element that give instant polish to a room. A mirror can illuminate a dark corner; add elegance and drama even create the illusion of space. If you have a large wall that needs a decorative touch try making an elegant mirror arrangement instead. Select different size mirrors and shapes and one large one for the centerpiece. You can use mirrors with or  without frames.

Howard Elliot mirrors consist of innovative designs, far-reaching varieties of style and sizes and unique combinations of raw materials. At Howard Elliott great pride is taken in manufacturing to exacting standards. All of their mirrors and decorative accessories are hand finished and most mirrors have a 1” bevel.

An arrangement of mirrors on the wall will give an impression of a shattered-and-scattered mirror. Attach the mirrors to the wall with glue or liquid nails. Why not hang a round mirror in the center and surround it with square, oval or diamond shaped mirrors.
If round isn’t for you, use an oval mirror in the center then place the others in a diamond shape around it. Don’t space everything evenly – put a few only inches away from the large mirror and some even closer. Others can be further away. Put more mirrors along one side of the large center mirror for an asymmetrical design.

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