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  In the mid eighties, Jay Helser was  installing draperies independently for design firms and drapery workrooms in the Phoenix, Arizona area. After nine years, he and brother Mark discovered how their unique talents would fit together like puzzle pieces to create the perfect drapery hardware business. The two Helser brothers combined their expertise to manufacture custom drapery hardware the “Helser Way”. Competitive simple pricing, original custom designs, precision metal working. All this, combined with over-the-top customer service and a six point check and balance system to ensure clients get exactly what they order each and every time, has skyrocketed the Helser brother’s into the stratosphere of the drapery universe.
  The Artigiani Wrought Iron collection is world class drapery hardware. Its quality and craftsmanship jumps right out at you when you first behold this gorgeous wrought iron collection. Helser Brothers takes great pride in everything they do you can feel confident that the items you are ordering are of the highest quality and to specifications. Meanwhile, Helser Brothers Artefice is an Iron lovers dream. By using minimalist profiles of contemporary designs, the true beauty of raw iron is revealed. Its inherent beauty is in the fact that each piece will have its own distinct markings. Iron run-off and heat marks are left in their natural state giving this collection of drapery hardware an exclusively unique appearance and personality. Artefice pieces are meticulously hand forged by Helser Brothers’ blacksmiths at their facility in Chandler Arizona.  If you truly appreciate Iron Drapery Hardware you won’t find a more attractive collection than the Artefice collection by Helser Brothers Drapery.
  Helser Brothers have made a name in the drapery industry, not just because of the excitement and buzz of being young, fresh and innovative but because their quality customer service and craftsmanship are second to none. Continental Window Fashions and Helser Brothers Drapery,  a match made in heaven.

Elegance and Simplicity with Paris Texas Drapery Hardware

Paris Texas is synonymous with high end, exquisitely beautiful curtain rods, finials and accessories. As one of the most well known and respected companies and pioneers in the drapery hardware  industry, Paris Texas combines the elegance of wrought iron with the simplicity of wood, creating and un-deniably distinctive design with its Viller collection and classic, English inspired  Somerset collection.  All Paris Texas drapery hardware items have high quality finishes and are sure to please even the most meticulous home owners, with a magnificent array of styles to choose from. For instance, our newest collection, Paris Texas Hardware Portfolio, combines the old with the new; old classics with new updated styles, color patterns and designs. Once again, quality comes through with the release of the Dominion Collection  inspired by Mid-Century modernism. A palette of retro-modern shapes and furniture inspired finishes will complete your newly bedecked modern room, or it will add a sleek, avant garde edge to a traditional room, beckoning you to explore the endless possibilities of creating the beauty inside your home with only your imagination as the limiting factor. Paris Texas also hits the spot with the creation of its stylish Valcour collection designed with the savvy retail client in mind. Blending economy and fashion with high quality is what Paris Texas is known for. This collection is priced 20-40% less than most of their other collections, allowing even the most stringent of budgets to bring elegance and beauty to the home or office. Paris Drapery hardware is pleasing to the eyes and easy on the finances!

Urban Dwellings: The New Kid on the Block

On this day in 1893, the largest land run in history began with more than 100,000 people pouring into the Cherokee Strip of Oklahoma to claim valuable land.  With a single shot from a pistol, the mad dash began, and land-hungry pioneers on horseback and in carriages raced forward to stake their claims to the best acres of land. Declaring their independence, it was at that very moment, the do it yourself attitude was born.

Now, here in 2012, the D I Y era is going strong. You now have the ability to customize everything in your home, even the drapes. Urban Dwellings drapery hardware allows you to be both hip and trendy. Each Urban Dwelling item is meticulously hand crafted from solid wood and then kiln dried. Made from real wood that is both natural and sustainable.  All components are carefully hand finished. Wood poles, drapery finials, brackets and wood rings are all painted using high quality lead free paints. With colors like fruitwood, SOHO ebony, urban bronze to walnut you can be sure to add fashionable flair to any room.

For those looking to shop GREEN, Urban Dwellings is artistic, uncomplicated, and refreshingly urban minded, with a keen eye for architectural detail. Urban Dwellings may be the new kids on the block, but they are the next, big hit in the drapery hardware industry.

Continental Window Fashions is an on-line retailer offering drapery hardware, window treatments. We offer highly competitive on-line market, low product prices and top-notch customer service. Located just outside Orlando, FL Continental Window Fashions ships thousands of  items throughout the United States and the World every year. With over 26 years experience in the industry, our goal is to help every customer gain insight and knowledge into the world of window fashion by offering our expert advice for free. We not only want to have competitive pricing, we also want to focus on 100%  customer satisfaction.

Exquisite Design and Detail from Kirsch Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Drapery Hardware has exploded onto the design forefront and has become a top pick for many decorators seeking to add a classic elegance to their window treatments. Quality, impeccable design, and competitive pricing has created a loyal following of Kirsch customers who return again and again to Continental Window Fashions for all of their window treatment needs.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware has an extensive selection of styles from which to choose.  The Wood Trends Collection offers rich colors and subtle grains with furniture grade finishes.  Beautifully fluted poles, pine cone finials and richly finished, double drapery brackets are just some of the featured designs that speak to period when the finest of artisans handcrafted such perfect designs. Kirsch’s Metal Accessories Collection includes exquisite medallions, holdback extensions, swivel sockets and end caps that will create an exciting elegance to door and window treatments. The Kirsch Metal collection can stand alone but also coordinates beautifully with the Estate Ultra and Studio Coordinates collections. Choose from six designs and five different finishes like  Brushed Copper, Satin Nickel and Antique Brass to create unlimited design options. The Kirsch Mix and Match Collection projects a contemporary essence, mixing eclectic materials such as; leather, metal, glass, wood, and mother of pearl that will inspire unique and eye-catching design possibilities. With Kirsch Drapery Hardware, windows can be effortlessly transformed into admired works of art.


Something that I always find cool, still to this day, is anything motorized with a remote control.  Being in the window treatment business has given me access to a lot of great product that can be operated with a remote control.  Since we sell thousands of drapery rods a year it is easy to imagine that we also sell a bunch of drapery motors.  Our most popular seller is the Add-A-Motor model 80 for traverse curtain rods.  This motor is a great way to take your basic traverse rod and turn it into something really exciting.  I have no doubt that you will impress all your friends when you hit the switch and they see your curtains operate hands free.  It is one of our best selling drapery motors because it is priced right.  Just think, for around $80 you can have powered draperies installed in your home by adding this to your existing traverse rods.  And if you need the curtain rods too, we have them as well.  It’s priced right and easy to install so why don’t you take a look at this exciting product.

Add-A-Motor drapery rod motor.

Contemporary Drapery Hardware

By definition contemporary means living or existing at the same time, modern or of or about the same age or date.  Contemporary drapery hardware by definition would be sleek, modern, shiny our even something that looks ahead of its time.  Since we have been in the business, about 20 years, we have seen styles come and go.  But one style has always been a good seller and could be just the right fit for you.  If you are someone that likes clean line and cutting edge design then you are a candidate for some of more modern hardware lines.  Most often this drapery hardware will consist of simple and clean lined finial designs on some sort of simple tubing.  Finishes most often associated with contemporary drapery hardware would be a brushed nickle our polished chrome.  Since there are so many ways to create this modern and contemporary it often is best to consult with a window fashion professional staff her at Continental Window Fashions.  We will help you with the making the right decision selecting your contemporary hardware.  Here are some quick links to some of our more popular collections:

As always you can call us for a free over the phone consultation with one of our on staff designers. 1-866-375-4500

House Parts Drapery Hardware Has it all!

Continental Window Fashions is now featuring the House Parts Drapery Hardware, a prestigious line of decorative metal hardware designs to accommodate even the most discriminate of tastes. House Parts has been in the business of making high quality drapery hardware since 1979 at some of the most competitive prices. At House Parts Draper Hardware, we continue to capture the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship to replicate the distinct design features that are in demand today. Uniquely designed with elegance that is unsurpassed, this drapery hardware is classic, contemporary, traditional and retro, a beautiful accessory to any home decor. All pieces are hand-cast and hand-finished. Inherent variations add to the unique and individual charm of each piece. Some originals are from National and International museums, private collections, and dismantled historic structures. Artistic and technical knowledge, as well as skillful molding result in brilliant hardware not found in typical collections. Talented artisans who have worked for the company for many years are behind the unique construction and hand finished pieces House Parts Drapery Hardware is proud to offer.
Drapery hardware from House Parts is ready to ship to you very quickly.  Available in just days instead of weeks, House Parts is a great choice for quality drapery hardware at an unbeatable price. With all of the popular wooden drapery pole sizes along with complete metal sets and 1″ wrought iron, House Parts has all of the styles you need. And, don’t forget to check out the House Parts Iron!

Continental Window Fashions is the company to turn to for window treatments.   House Parts Drapery Hardware is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection of high quality drapery hardware to their appreciative customers. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions is dedicated to making your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is always available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

The Demand for Paris Texas Continues at Continental Window Fashions

High quality finishes, elegant design collections, and unsurpassed craftsmanship has made Paris Texas the front runner in the drapery hardware industry since its founding in 1992. Beautiful finials, rods and accessories from Paris Texas add a distinct style to every home. Continental Window Fashions is an authorized dealer of Paris Texas Drapery Hardware and offers not only competitive online pricing but impeccable customer service.Continental Window Fashions is now featuring the Paris Texas Portfolio Collection, an extensive line of decorative metal hardware designs to suit even the most particular of tastes.   The demand for the Portfolio Collection has been electric due in part to the selection of both contemporary and traditional designs which reflect a hand-wrought feel .  Pairing  the sophistication of metal with the natural beauty of wood is proving to be one of the most popular design mixes and the Portfolio Collection has much to offer.   Hand finished to premier the exquisite luster of  its designs, Paris Texas has earned it’s well respected reputation for quality, high-end window fashion.   Braided rings, fluted, smooth and textured finishes, intricate carvings, single and double brackets are only a  sampling of the many design choices available from Paris Texas.   The dizzying spectrum of  finishes offered throughout their collections are even more breathtaking, in Golden Mahogany, Black Forest, Amber, Antique Gold Leaf and Iron Gate, to name just a few.  Continental Window Fashions also features the Dominion, Valcour, Somerset amd Villiers collections by Paris Texas, providing an unyielding selection of designs to choose from.

Continental Window Fashions is a dream come true for window designers and any home or business owner seeking to add beauty and elegance to their windows.

Paris Texas Drapery Hardware is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions  is proud to present this collection of high quality drapery hardware to their loyal customers. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Decorating My Kid’s Rooms – From the Nursery to the College Dorm

Curtain Rods and Drapery HardwareThe rooms of your children will likely deviate from the central theme of your home. As children begin to grow up, they want to impose their own tastes upon their living spaces. Wise parents understand the child’s need to have some control over his or her environment and will accommodate it when possible. One of the quickest and easiest decorating changes you can make involves your window treatments, including the fabrics, drapery hardware and curtain rods.

The Room Grows Up

As your child grows up, his or her room will also need to mature. For this reason, choose a window treatment style that will change with minimal work. Simple sheers over blinds with a flowing scarf may appeal to teenage girls, while younger children love the puffy, balloon-like look of a stuffed valance. For boys of all ages, you will probably want to keep it simple with clean lines and a minimum of fuss.

Planning ahead can help you make the room “grow up” along with your child. You can make decorating miracles happen with just fabric and hardware while keeping the walls neutral; this strategy will help you tailor your child’s room to his age and personality at each step of the way

It Doesn’t End at the WindowNotre Dame Bedding - Continental Window Fashions

Continental also offers an exclusive line of bedding from Sports Coverage, Inc. What better way to decorate your college student’s dorm than sporting the colors from their institution of choice. From Notre Dame Golds, to Michigan Big Blue, your son or daughter will accent their room with the colors that define the history of some of the country’s proudest colleges.

Or if you prefer, Continental Windows also boasts Major League Baseball Bedding and NFL bedding, so your baseball or football fan can show off their favorite teams.

Window Treatments for All Ages

Many decorators fail to consider the windows of a room as a major part of the overall scheme. Simply tossing on some mini-blinds or even a set of curtains simply isn’t enough to pull the room together as a complete package. You should consider the size and number of windows relative to the size of the room, and make sure that your windows aren’t overpowering the rest of the decor. If the window of a room isn’t the intended focal point, make sure not to force that appearance with your window treatments.

For the smallest of children, safety will be your primary concern. Make sure you place your baby’s crib or bassinet well away from any windows. Your child should not be able to reach the fabric or cords of any blinds or drapes. Older children may want to have some input on the types of window treatments that you use. If so, be sure to consider their desires when picking out the fabric, curtain rods and drapery hardware.