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The Shower Curtain Dilemma


Its holiday time and company is coming to stay at your house. Is there anything worse than stepping out of the shower and into a puddle of water? Hanging a shower curtain not only gives you privacy as you shower, it keeps the water from splashing out onto the floor. Shower curtains can be functional: used simply to prevent water from getting on the bathroom floor or they can also be decorative and add to the beauty and charm of the room. How high you hang the shower rod will alter both the look and the effectiveness of the curtain. Hang a curtain higher on the wall and add tie-backs to enhance a whirlpool tub, or choose a straight curtain sitting 1 to 2 inches above the floor to cover a plain tub, or hide unattractive glass shower doors.

Look around the room and consider the elements of the bathroom before choosing the perfect height for your space. Choosing the right shower curtain is critical to designing your bathroom. Pay particular attention to the shower curtain rods and rings,like those from Kirsch,  the more overlooked of the elements, when refurbishing the room. Rather than focusing on buying a bath rug or towels, hang your shower curtain in an uncommon way to add interest to that aspect of the room.

When shopping for a shower curtain, consider your needs. When thinking about function; plastic and vinyl shower curtains are the most waterproof. In form however, cotton, linen or silk curtains look more decorative and lush. For the best of both worlds, choose a waterproof shower liner and a more attractive fabric curtain. The shower curtain is usually chosen based on the design of the room; the liner meanwhile serves a more practical function.

Even though the average shower liner is inexpensive, the quality will vary. A less expensive shower liner will work alright, but it will probably not last very long liners since they are exposed daily to soap and water , and a good quality curtain will be easier to maintain than lower cost ones. Shop for a heavy duty liner for optimal maintainability.

The final step to installing a shower curtain is to put up the shower curtain rod. If you are using a mounted shower curtain rod, as opposed to a tension rod, accurate measurements are needed because you are going put holes in your wall. How high do you want the rod to be? Remember, the shower curtain should hang no less than a 2-3 inches from the top edge of the tub.

Next, mark the height on both walls. Before installing the brackets on the walls, it’s a good idea to hold the rod up to the marks and make sure you have marked the right spot and the rod is level. Next, screw or nail the brackets to the wall. Be sure to use the proper screws for you wall. Drywall requires anchors! When the brackets are mounted, thread the shower curtain onto the rod and fit the rod into the brackets. Done. Take a shower or relaxing bubble bath, and marvel at your work.

Holiday Prep Starts Right Now

There’s no need to redo your home for the holidays. A few simple touches will make your space warm and inviting. By adding red and soft green tones a living room and adjoining dining room will become cozy and intimate for the for the holiday season. By adding just the right decorations in just the right colors, these two rooms are suffused with a fresh and exciting holiday spirit.


Here’s how to create a joyful atmosphere in any room:

1. Use area rugs to lend warmth and create a nice foundation for holiday decorations. The high quality decorative rugs from MOMENI, Milliken and rug pads by JADE come in hundreds of accent rug styles, shapes and colors to fit any decor. Whether your home is in need of contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, children’s rugs or anything else in between, you will find a decorative rug that will fit in perfectly.

2. Layer window treatments to make a room cozier. Umbra Serif Double Curtain Rod Systems are a complete telescoping double drapery rod system in one package. Each set includes 2 rods, 3 brackets and mounting hardware, allowing sumptuous drapes to encase your windows.

3. Add winter themed shades or a garland of juniper branches embellished with greenery and sugared berries on a chandelier.

4. Dress up an existing corner plant with a few strings of small lights.

5. Show off your fireplace with a collection of brass candlesticks and ivory candles with juniper around the bases.

6. Exchange framed art above a fireplace for a holiday wreath of juniper, sugared berries and glass ornaments.

7. Repeat some of the elements to pull the room together. By spreading an accent color around the room and choose holiday decorations that go well together you will have a cohesive look that will welcome your guests. Try to use the same greens and accents throughout a space such as sugared berries and glass ornaments on garlands, wreaths and in bowls.

A-Z Window Treatments and Curtain Hardware Part VII



Are you interested in learning even more about window coverings and curtain hardware? These terms will help you become more informed about wrought iron and wooden drapery hardware. This is the last segment of your go-to guide to curtain and drapery hardware.

Window Scarf: A long piece of fabric casually draped over a pole or rod at the top of a window much like a valance. The center is gently pulled down to create a soft curve.
Wrought Iron Rod Sets: Looking for a complete line that includes everything from iron rings and brackets to several different finial choices? LJB Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware designs wrought iron drapery rods, finials, brackets and curtain rod rings. All finials, brackets and rings are solid wrought iron and are available in a variety of sizes. All wrought iron curtain rods can be cut to size, these are not telescopic. Need 110 double curtain rods? No problem, you can order extra-long curtain rods up to 16 feet from LJB.
Wooden Drapery Hardware and Curtain Rods: One of the largest selections of wooden drapery hardware can only be found Continental Window Fashions. They feature wooden drapery rods from all the major manufacturers like Kirsch, Paris Texas, and the Finial Company. First you can select your choice of wood poles, then the wood drapery rod brackets followed by the wooden curtain rings of your choice. To finish off your wood drapery hardware you can also select the available wood curtain rod finials or simple wood end caps. Its mix and match at its best!
Wooden Hardware from the Finial Company: Custom wooden drapery hardware items are hand finished to your specifications. They start with unfinished high quality raw materials and finish everything from your order at once to match perfectly. If you’re looking to make a statement with your window treatments, the Finial Company is the way to go with literally hundreds of combinations to choose from.
Wooden Hardware from Kirsch Buckingham Drapery Hardware: Kirsch Buckingham wooden drapery hardware is all hand finished and custom order only. This is Kirsch’s high end wooden drapery hardware collection. Kirsch offers a large selection of decorative curtain rods, finials, rings, brackets, hold-backs and sconces. If you’re looking for drapery hardware to match your exquisite taste, then look no further. Available in 1 3/8 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch diameters.
Wooden Traverse Rods from Kirsch Estate: Kirsch Estate Ultra wooden traverse rods emphasize sophistication while traversing heavy weight draperies of up to 56 pounds. Indulge your imagination with the numerous finials and finish selections that coordinate with the Kirsch Buckingham collection.
All of the Estate Ultra traverse rods come complete with the necessary brackets and 3 traverse slides.
Wooden Trends Collection from Kirsch: 1 3/8″ Wood Trends drapery hardware collection is one of the best-selling wooden drapery hardware lines in the United States. Kirsch’s reputation for quality curtain rods is obvious in number of components offered, such as swivel sockets, hidden brackets, wooden elbows and decorative hold-backs.
Wooden Somerset Collection from Paris Texas: The Paris Texas Somerset Collection is a breathtaking collection inspired by the architectural elements found for centuries in the gardens of England. Picture Somerset Collection filling the window niches of your home with design inspiration taken from classic urns, benches and statuary.
Wooden Collection from Robert Allen Costume: Antique hatpins discovered in a Paris antique market were the inspiration for this collection. The use of opaque and translucent materials in classic forms is a luxury for your home.
Wooden Vesta Highland Timber 2 3/4 Inch Collection: Vesta’s Highland Timber 2 3/4″ collection features a gallery of masterfully carved wood finials and drapery hardware accessories. All components are made available as unfinished and in stain-grade so that they become the blank canvas for your own unique interpretations.

To Finial or Not to Finial


Curtain rod finials can be seen to act much like a barometer of public taste. Many designs look back toward  gothic and neo-gothic architectura for finial design, while other contemporary finials reflect minimalist, art nouveau and other traditional styles of décor. The different materials used are as wide as the range of designs available with brass, stainless steel, various woods and aluminum being pressed into service with a variety of finishes such as ‘satin steel’ and ‘antique brass’. The strength and durability of modern alloys have lent themselves to amazingly intricate and stunning designs.

When deciding on the best curtain finials, look at the shape and material. These elements should coordinate with your curtains and window wall, as well as the whole room. The best curtain rod finials will coordinate with the colors of the room, and capture it’s mood and flavor.
In a casual, beach-inspired decor, colorful, finials will fit in with the theme and overall outdoor feel of the room. In a more traditional space dressed with heavy, formal drapery, classic wood-turned finials would be a far better choice, the same way metal finials with a scroll design will complement wrought iron furniture placed in the same room, adding cohesion to the decor.

A fine choice for finials is Orion Ornamental Iron, Inc. a design studio for decorative drapery hardware, located in North Hollywood, California. Orion’s products are hand-crafted and hand-painted at by skilled artisans. Orion’s team of designers, skilled artisans and crafts people has created a unique range of drapery hardware products including, rods, cornices and crowns, swag-holders, brackets, batons, and iron/wood combinations. Orion finishes are quite extensive in style and scope and include two distinct finish groups: 35 finishes for Iron Art, and 11 wood stains for Wood Art, to match many styles and tastes in home décor.


When measuring for drapery hardware, consider where on the wall or window frame it will be mounted. Allow extra wall space for the decorative finials, as the rod dimensions do not include the additional width required by each finial.


• Measure the width of the window with a metal tape measure. When mounting the hardware along the trim choose a rod size to fit the required width edge to edge. If you decide on wall mounting, then choose a rod size several inches longer than the width of the window, to accommodate brackets and finials.
• Remember to allow for the ‘stay back’ – the space along the sides of a window taken up by a curtain when it is open. About 1 1⁄2″ to 3″ on each side of the window should work.
•If making the window appear larger is your goal, choose a rod that is 10″ to 12″ wider than the window. Walls mount the rod; leave 5″ to 6″ of extra space on both sides. Hang panels at both ends, just covering the sides of the window.

Continental Window Fashions is proud to offer the Orion Collection. With free shipping orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday – Friday, Continental Widow Fashions strives to make your ordering experience as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call toll free at 866-375-4500.

Doors No More


Are doors an advantage or not?  Some doors are, of course, unavoidable necessities, but the majority are simply a nuisance and a bore. Curtains are a simple, elegant alternative to use for closet door. They work well in children’s rooms because they eliminate the possibility of pinched fingers and the inevitable angry slam. You can select curtains in colors that match the wall paint to create the appearance of a seamless transition from wall to closet, or you can use the curtain to achieve a focal point and bring in needed color, style or texture in a room’s decor.


Will the entire door opening be covered?
Will a curtain draped with a holdback on one side satisfy the look?
Will sconces holding a rod with curtain match the decor?
Will tie backs be used?
Will the curtain be hung in the opening?
Will the curtain be hung above the opening?
Do you want to camouflage the opening or create a focal point?


1. Place a tape measure below the top of the door frame and measure the width of the frame. The measurement is the length needed for the curtain pole.

2. Purchase inside-mount sockets to hold the curtain rod. Sockets come in different sizes and the pole must be able to fit inside the socket. ONA wrought iron curtain rod brackets are individually handmade and finished exactly to your specifications. All brackets are made to coordinate with the rod size and style that your order. Most brackets are drop in style with a set screw to hold the curtain rod in place after installation.

3. Position the socket on the inside of the door frame, 1 inch from the top of the door frame. Use a pencil to mark the placement of the screw onto the inside door frame.

4. Use a hammer and nail to create a starter hole for the screw. Pound a nail ¼ inch into the wall and remove the nail. The hole makes it easier to drill the screw.

5. Hold one socket against the frame and match the hole in the socket with the starter hole. Use a cordless screwdriver to drive the screw and attach the socket. Attach the second socket using this method.

6. Place the curtain onto the pole and place the pole into the sockets.


Continental Window Fashions will give your home added beauty and elegance and give your windows a chance to make your exotic decorating dreams come true. With 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall



Mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They are truly a versatile, decorative element that give instant polish to a room. A mirror can illuminate a dark corner; add elegance and drama even create the illusion of space. If you have a large wall that needs a decorative touch try making an elegant mirror arrangement instead. Select different size mirrors and shapes and one large one for the centerpiece. You can use mirrors with or  without frames.

Howard Elliot mirrors consist of innovative designs, far-reaching varieties of style and sizes and unique combinations of raw materials. At Howard Elliott great pride is taken in manufacturing to exacting standards. All of their mirrors and decorative accessories are hand finished and most mirrors have a 1” bevel.

An arrangement of mirrors on the wall will give an impression of a shattered-and-scattered mirror. Attach the mirrors to the wall with glue or liquid nails. Why not hang a round mirror in the center and surround it with square, oval or diamond shaped mirrors.
If round isn’t for you, use an oval mirror in the center then place the others in a diamond shape around it. Don’t space everything evenly – put a few only inches away from the large mirror and some even closer. Others can be further away. Put more mirrors along one side of the large center mirror for an asymmetrical design.

Continental Window Fashions are the ones who will help you add beauty and elegance to your home and give you the chance to make all of your design dreams come true. Howard Elliot is among the finest in the industry and Continental Window Fashions is proud to present this collection. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone

Add Color to Your White Room

When pulling together a room, keep in mind how color will impact your mood. While some people seem to be less affected than others, a general rule of thumb about colors is that:

* Green is tranquil
* Reds and oranges are energetic
* Yellow is the happy color.
* White is considered pure, though stark.

You’ve probably heard that the style and color of your curtains can make or break the look of your home. It is difficult to visualize the post-curtain effect in a room. Consider these tips adding a spark within the four walls of your room.
Single-tone walls don’t need to be boring. Try using patterned curtains. Stripes and solid colors or dominant colors that shout depth – like a dark orange, brown and yellow striped curtain when used along with a background of earthy light brown wall add interest to your room.
Try teaming bright bold curtains with plain single toned walls. Are you trapped within white walls? Perhaps you live in a rental unit and can’t paint – hang boldly colored curtains! Imagine dark traditional wooden furniture, white walls, and a deep shade of claret on the curtains. This room is now shouting style and charisma!
If you are looking toward window treatments for panache rather than function, mount decorative curtain hardware and hang a long swag across it. ONA Wrought Iron Curtain Hardware Company would be an excellent choice. ONA brings designer style and extraordinary affordable value together with their classic collection of wrought iron drapery hardware. ONA drapery hardware is handmade individually and finished exactly to your specifications using their standard finishes our custom made.
Sheer curtains are also a lovely way to add style. Choose a curtain rod from ONA with a beautiful finial to accent the curtains sheers. Sheers do not block out light or provide privacy, but they are a beautiful airy addition to a room. You can add your own crafty touches with embroidery or ribbons to further enhancing their decorative appeal.

Continental Window Fashions is proud to offer the ONA collection. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone.

Take a Magic Carpet Ride


In 1865, Milliken & Company made its mark as a true worldwide leader in textiles. Milliken carpet represents a true marriage of function and form, offering unparalleled advantages in style and innovation, flexibility and performance, and value and price.

Almost 100 years later,In 1968 John Kay and Rushton Moreve wrote these words: “I like to dream, right between my sound machine” as part of their hit Magic Carpet Ride on album The Second, by Steppenwolf. Now you can dream on your very own magic carpet when you add a Millikan & Company Carpet to your home.

The Milliken Earthscapes collection contains carpets rich in organic and geometric patterns drawing inspiration from botanicals and contemporary scrolls. Earthscapes designs have a WearOn Nylon construction for durable performance and lasting beauty. Earthscapes offer beauty and elegance in cream, wheat, and ochre color palettes. They are designed to be long-lasting and effective in hiding spots, stains, vacuum marks, and foot traffic.

If your dreamers are still small and unsteady at times, it’s good to know that Milliken carpet is easy to care for and stays beautiful for a long time. For busy families, easy care and long-lasting beauty are essential. Families can have a sophisticated feeling without taking the time needed to care for some other carpet brands.

Milliken Carpet will give your home beauty and elegance to their windows a chance to make their dreams come true.  Milliken Carpet strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Online ordering is available at Continental Window Fashions, or you may call us toll free at 866-375-4500 to place your order over the phone. With free shipping on orders of $100 or more and 9am – 5pm customer support, Monday- Friday, Continental Window Fashions strives to make your ordering process as simple as possible.