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You’re Going to the Super Bowl Too!


Football fans do like to do seemingly crazy things. They painting their bodies to match the color of their favorite team during a game or having a tailgate party in the Northeast, in December. It should be no surprise that football fans may wish to decorate a room in their homes as a shrine to their favorite teams or players.

Make a jersey the focal point of the room. If you have Joe Flacco’s jersey, you can hang it on the center of one wall, which is painted Raven’s Purple. Surround it with pennants programs and tickets. Why not frame a newspaper headline from the morning after his Super Bowl win and hang it above his jersey.

In bedrooms, the bed is, obviously, the centerpiece. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find NFL bedding in all offers Baltimore Ravens NFL sports bedding, window treatments and accessories. Now you can show your true colors when you decorate your bedroom with your favorite teams colors and logos. Sports Coverage NFL sports bedding, comforters and pillows come in two different styles. You can choose from “Locker Room” or “Sidelines” style. Spruce up the bed more by adding football pillows. If you really want to get creative, use goal posts for the headboard.

Adding accessories doesn’t have to be daunting. You can find NFL logo rugs from the My Team® indoor and outdoor area rugs and door mat collection by Milliken and create the excitement of NFL game day all year long. How about football lamps, picture frames, wall hangings or even drapes with the official Raven’s logo and colors. If there’s a bathroom attached, you can even decorate there by adding an NFL team logo shower curtain and trash can. Add even more sporty fun with novelty drawer pulls and sports related clocks. Display footballs and football gear on shelves. Lockers make great storage space for clothes, shoes, and toys. Paint the lockers to match the color scheme of the room. You can even use smaller lockers as nightstands.

So make your sports fan happy, and outfit his room in his favorite team colors and logos. It’s a sure win!

Decorating My Kid’s Rooms – From the Nursery to the College Dorm

Curtain Rods and Drapery HardwareThe rooms of your children will likely deviate from the central theme of your home. As children begin to grow up, they want to impose their own tastes upon their living spaces. Wise parents understand the child’s need to have some control over his or her environment and will accommodate it when possible. One of the quickest and easiest decorating changes you can make involves your window treatments, including the fabrics, drapery hardware and curtain rods.

The Room Grows Up

As your child grows up, his or her room will also need to mature. For this reason, choose a window treatment style that will change with minimal work. Simple sheers over blinds with a flowing scarf may appeal to teenage girls, while younger children love the puffy, balloon-like look of a stuffed valance. For boys of all ages, you will probably want to keep it simple with clean lines and a minimum of fuss.

Planning ahead can help you make the room “grow up” along with your child. You can make decorating miracles happen with just fabric and hardware while keeping the walls neutral; this strategy will help you tailor your child’s room to his age and personality at each step of the way

It Doesn’t End at the WindowNotre Dame Bedding - Continental Window Fashions

Continental also offers an exclusive line of bedding from Sports Coverage, Inc. What better way to decorate your college student’s dorm than sporting the colors from their institution of choice. From Notre Dame Golds, to Michigan Big Blue, your son or daughter will accent their room with the colors that define the history of some of the country’s proudest colleges.

Or if you prefer, Continental Windows also boasts Major League Baseball Bedding and NFL bedding, so your baseball or football fan can show off their favorite teams.

Window Treatments for All Ages

Many decorators fail to consider the windows of a room as a major part of the overall scheme. Simply tossing on some mini-blinds or even a set of curtains simply isn’t enough to pull the room together as a complete package. You should consider the size and number of windows relative to the size of the room, and make sure that your windows aren’t overpowering the rest of the decor. If the window of a room isn’t the intended focal point, make sure not to force that appearance with your window treatments.

For the smallest of children, safety will be your primary concern. Make sure you place your baby’s crib or bassinet well away from any windows. Your child should not be able to reach the fabric or cords of any blinds or drapes. Older children may want to have some input on the types of window treatments that you use. If so, be sure to consider their desires when picking out the fabric, curtain rods and drapery hardware.