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A-Z Window treatments and Curtain Hardware. QUIZ


You’ve made all the way through the A-Z Window Treatment lessons! Ready for a Quiz?
1. Narrow tubular pleats, used on stationery panels
2. Sheer under curtains that hang next to the window
3. A flat paneled fabric shade that folds up into accordion pleats
4. A drapery header with a series of large cylindrically shaped pleats
5. Decorative fabric sashes that hold drapery panels open
6. A fabric shade that pulls up into soft swags
7. A very full fabric shade often sewn with inverted pleats between each swag
8. Sewn to form a reverse box pleat
9. An milky looking layer sewn inside a drapery to block light
10. A shallow decorative box designed to conceal drapery hardware
11. Decorative embellishment attached to each end of a curtain rod
12. A large cornice piece that entirely frames a window
13. A fabric window topper typically 12 to 18 inches long
14. A channel sewn to the top or bottom of a curtain
15. A window treatment of fabric swathed over the top of a window
16. Short curtains hanging from a curtain rod
17. The place on each side of a window where a drapery folds back when fully opened
18. Length from the front of a drapery rod back to the wall
19. A cascade of fabric hanging down the sides of a window


A. Pencil pleats
B. Goblet pleats
C. Roman Shade
D. Glass curtains
E. Inverted pleats
F. Blackout lining
G. Tiebacks
H. Roman shade
I. Balloon shade
J. Austrian shade
K. Finial
L. Jabot
M. Lambrequin
N. Return
O. Stackback
P. Swag
Q. Café curtains
R. Rod pocket
S. Cornice
T. Valance


A,D,H,B,G,J,I,E,F, S,K,M,T,R,P,Q,O,N,L

House Parts Drapery; Beautifying Homes From The Inside

It was 1979 when House Parts Drapery Hardware company was born. For over 30 years House Parts Drapery Hardware has been continually producing high quality drapery hardware at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. House Parts Drapery Hardware is proud to offer time-honored craftsmanship in each and every one of our products . The House Parts tradition continually captures the aesthetic qualities of both European and American craftsmanship. Artistic and technical merge together, promising unique construction with individually hand finished pieces. Some of the pieces are originals from National and International museums, private collections and dismantled historic structures. House Parts Drapery also produce exquiste replicas made by highly skilled and knowledgeable artisan mold makers. Having over 40 finials, several styles of rings and decorative brackets, means you can create a look that sets your windows apart from all the rest. House Parts Drapery also has a bamboo line that features a unique process that uses resin over PVC pipe. Giving you the ability to customize your bamboo poles to fit any window. Always bringing the highest quality products to market, we feature a wrought iron collection that is out of this world! With  ornate brackets and specialized rings to enhance the appearance of this collection, it is completely innovative and stylish with a totally different look than all competitors. Featuring many metal pole styles from Katherine, Tortoise pole or the ever popular Frederika, House Parts Drapery provides the freedom to create that decorative treatment for any room.
When it comes time to beautify your home or office, explore the most competitvely priced, highest quality craftsmanship and unique styles in the drapery industry. With House Parts Drapery, a pioneer for over 30 years. Thats, a proven track record! Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Tropical Island Living In Your Home

Imagine sitting on the island beach, brisk ocean breezes cooling  your warm skin.  An umbrella offering a shady sanctuary to enjoy the view of the crashing ocean waves as the birds and gulls dance and sing to their imaginary performance. After taking a long, thirst-quenching sip of an frosty, exotic fruity beverage, you think to yourself,  ”If  I could only take this feeling home with me, I would live in paradise.”

 Well, now you can do just that. Bring the island air to your home or beach house with Menagerie bamboo.  Accentuate any room with authentic, undeniable quality of Menagerie bamboo drapery hardware.  Each bamboo curtain rod is individually created by mother nature with its imperfections and natural beauty intact. With no two rods alike, each possesses its own grace and beauty, yet as different as finger prints. All Menagerie bamboo drapery hardware accessories are cast in resin and stained to match the real bamboo curtain rods. The natural curves and bend define the beauty and quality of bamboo design by Menagerie.
  Menagerie bamboo has exploded on the drapery scene.  With its island feel, Menagerie Bamboo hardware allows you to bring the style of natural island flair and simplistic elegance, to any home.  Menagerie bamboo drapery hardware items are in stock and usually ship in about 2 business days, direct from the manufacturer. Menagerie bamboo items are returnable.  We focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We want your online shopping to be worry-free, so we use SSL (Secure Socket  Layers) the most advanced online ordering  security system available.  The amount you pay for shipping and handling will depend on the order’s shipment  destination, size of the item and amount of the total order.   Any damaged products will be replaced, at no charge. Satisfaction is our guarantee!