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The Right Rug in the Right Place


Your home needs to be a place where you can feel, comfortable and secure. And what can help us do that better than a quick, face-lift in our favorite rooms? When you walk into your family room and your eye sees only the stain in the carpet, or the damaged wall, stop. It will probably cost too much to repaint the room or replace the carpet, but you can lay down a lovely area rug.


Adding an area rug in to a room will complete your décor by adding color and anchoring the furniture. How the area rug is placed in a room will make the room look well decorated or can backfire terribly, leaving a mismatched mess.  As each room is decorate be sure to  lay the rug so that it shows the design and blends well with the furniture.

High quality rugs from MOMENI, Milliken and rug pads by JADE are offered at Continental Window Fashions. Each collection offers many different accent rug styles, shapes and colors to fit your decor. Whether your home needs contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, or children’s rugs they have a decorative rug that will fit in perfectly.
The MOMENI Collections satisfies anyone’s design palette, and   never sacrifices style for quality. The MOMENI rugs can be found in modern, trendy, contemporary, or  geometric shapes and designs and in  vintage, or classic Mediterranean styles and come in  a variety of eco-friendly materials. Many of their area rugs are considered “green” or “eco-friendly” so your home will look stylish and Earth friendly at the same time!
The Milliken Collection includes the Lake District Collection which is full of rich earth tones. The My Team Collection is perfect for a boy’s room or teenager’s dorm, showing his college or NFL team spirit. My Team rugs come in indoor and outdoor options and almost all of these area rugs wear the STAINMASTER® stamp of approval.
Your new rugs will be picture perfect so help protect your valuable investments by choosing from the  Jade line of area jute rug pads and mats to help care for  your carpets and floors. Made of durable earth friendly materials, the jute carpet pads and mats keep area rugs in place while providing a buffer between the rug and floor.


After deciding on the rug a little thought is necessary to the actual placement. Lay area rugs in a bedroom at the foot and sides of the bed. In large bedrooms, place the rugs between pieces of furniture to cover empty floor space. Try laying a rug between the bed and dresser, or in front of a closet or wardrobe, then add a chair to an empty corner to anchor it.


In the dining room, area rugs can be centered directly under the dining table. Be sure to use a rug large enough to cover the floor space below the chairs even when they are pulled out from the table. A properly sized rug will prevent chairs from scraping and damaging the floor.In small living rooms, lay an area rug so it covers  the space between the furniture, leaving  about six inches to slide  under the front legs of each piece of furniture. This will make the room look full and appropriately decorated.


A rug in the right place can be the finishing touch to every room.They are  tremendously versatile. With the appropriate pad, an  area rug will  work on any type of flooring and in any room with magical results. An area rug offers unlimited combinations of color, texture, pattern and placement. It is  the only flooring product that you can easily install, then pick up and take with you!


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