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Curtains or Drapes?



The words “curtains” and “drapes” are used almost interchangeably these days. In professional vernacular, drapes are usually long, heavy window coverings that are lined, while curtains are lighter window coverings that provide some privacy,and filter the sunlight . But to most people, drapes and curtains are the same thing.


Originally, drapes and curtains did not refer to the treatments themselves but rather to the people who crafted them. Drapers were merchants who sold fabrics and materials for making the window treatments, which in turn were purchased by curtain makers who went from house to house to cut, drape and hang the fabric. The word curtain comes from the Latin “cortina,”  a partial veil or covering.


When choosing curtains, it doesn’t matter whether the window treatments are described as curtains or drapes, but rather do they fit your particular need. If your main purpose in purchasing curtains is to add privacy, look for heavy curtains with a lining that will completely cover the window necessary. If you want curtains to block sunlight or nighttime light, choose curtains that are lined with blackout material. If you like the look of curtains but don’t want to lose your room’s natural light, sheer or very light curtains can be a good pick.


If chosen wisely, curtains make a room. When it comes to window treatments, it’s a matter of fabric and color, lining and length.


Fabric is an important part of choosing curtains. The material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time, and how they will hang. If the fabric is too heavy, the curtains may not fold crisply when drawn; if they are too light they may not fall well at all. Velvet, linen, silk, and faux silk are the best choices to use for window treatments since they tend to hang the best. Faux silk is the most durable and in a sunny room it will not deteriorate as quickly as real silk. Sunlight will fade most fabrics over time. If the room gets a lot of light, it’s better to avoid bright colors, since they tend to fade faster. But, if you like to change out your rooms often, there’s less concerned with fading. Try going with neutral colors, since they’re less likely to fade and more likely to blend into a room’s decor.


Once you’ve selected the color and the fabric of your draperies, decide how high above the window you want them to begin. Hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. Hang curtains about six inches above the window frame, but for a dramatic look, go even higher. Measure from the top of the window to the floor. Add the height above the frame where the curtain will actually hang from. If you want the curtain to puddle on the floor, add another two or three inches to the length. For a crisper look, the panel should fall flush with the floor.


Custom window treatments offer many benefits. The dimensions can be customized to your window size and create a tailored look just like a perfectly fitted suit. Custom panels come in endless design options, from material to header style. With these options though, comes a considerable price difference from off-the-shelf curtain panels. Continental Window Fashions is offering a new collection of custom made curtains from Cassidy West. Cassidy West knows quality and how to bring great products to market. Their collections of beautiful draperies have 30 different types of curtains or sheers to pick from. Select your desired curtain then choose from the variety of available colors. Next customize to the correct length and preferred lining options!


In the highly competitive on-line market, low product prices are not enough to separate you from the competition. Continental Window Fashions not only wants to have competitive pricing, they also want to focus on 100% customer satisfaction. That not only includes service during the sale, but service after the sale as well. Continental Window Fashions knows that there are several on-line retailers for you to choose from and feel privileged that you have decided to choose them.


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