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Its Important to Have Playtime!


There isn’t anything more satisfying and rewarding for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity. Children need plenty of chances for creative play and imaginative thinking. Start by providing activities that are based his or her interests and ideas. Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and cultivates a child’s soul more than large chunks of time to engage in unprompted, self-directed play. Play is serious business for young children and the ability to play freely is crucial to their development.

An easy way to give a child a chance to let their imagination roam free is to create a special place to play dress-up: princesses, cowboys, space rangers and super heroes all need that kind of space. When all of their costumes and accessories are organized in one space, even a short amount of time could result in a super hero or princess moment.

However, we all know that little Cinderella and Spiderman tend to grow up way too fast, so you need an area that would cause no permanent damage to the room. By using curtain rods, you can create that special place. Only a few small holes would have to be filled to restore the room when the tween years arrive.

Measure out four feet from the corner of two adjacent walls on the ceiling creating a squared off section Mount the bracket hardware 3” down from the ceiling using self-anchoring Mollie bolts and attach any of the LJB Kailey Collection drapery rods and brackets. To make it easier for little hands chose a lightweight fabric. Rather than drapes, purchase two shower curtains in the same color as the walls. Mount the shower curtains to the rod with the LJB’s Lancelot Ring.

Although the drapery system functions well, it may not be festive enough. To make it more colorful and fitting for a princess, cut varying lengths of a complementary ribbon creating streamers to tie to the ring. If Spiderman is moving in stretch cotton batting from ring to ring for a spider web effect!


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