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Something that I always find cool, still to this day, is anything motorized with a remote control.  Being in the window treatment business has given me access to a lot of great product that can be operated with a remote control.  Since we sell thousands of drapery rods a year it is easy to imagine that we also sell a bunch of drapery motors.  Our most popular seller is the Add-A-Motor model 80 for traverse curtain rods.  This motor is a great way to take your basic traverse rod and turn it into something really exciting.  I have no doubt that you will impress all your friends when you hit the switch and they see your curtains operate hands free.  It is one of our best selling drapery motors because it is priced right.  Just think, for around $80 you can have powered draperies installed in your home by adding this to your existing traverse rods.  And if you need the curtain rods too, we have them as well.  It’s priced right and easy to install so why don’t you take a look at this exciting product.

Add-A-Motor drapery rod motor.

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