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Kirsh Drapery Hardware

Kirsch Drapery Hardware is one of the many brands Continental Window Fashions has to offer. Kirsch Drapery Hardware presents a variety of décor for your window treatment, including blinds and shades, drapery hardware, and curtain rods. As one of the largest US retailers of Kirsch, numerous customers have trusted Continental Window Fashions as their go-to place for custom drapery hardware.

You will find that the products are categorized into several different collections by Kirsch and each has a very unique and individual style. These collections help you create and personalize the design you are looking for. The following descriptions should help you better choose which Kirsch collection fits right for you.

Wood Trends Collection

This collection shows its elegance through its quality products that are now introduced in two different series. The Urban Comfort designs are contemporary with a stunning look of Zen-like structural beauty. Perfect for a comfortable, but classic feel. The Renaissance series provides handcrafted designs that represent a royal time in history. You will feel like royalty with the beautiful finishes and opulent elegance of these designs.

Mix and Match Collection

A new collection based on self-expression, the Mix and Match series resemble a vibrant future. The products are constructed with eclectic materials that invite your personal inspiration. Some of the unique materials used in this collection include: leather, metal, glass, wood, and mother of pearl – a hard, smooth, pearly layer found on the inside of certain seashells, such as abalones and certain oysters.          

Buckingham Collection

This collection incorporates an artisan design to create an exclusive look to complement any home. The wooden products are all hand finished and custom order only, making this Kirsch’s high end wooden drapery hardware collection. Each piece is elaborately detailed and is as distinctive as it is stunning. Pick from a variety of designer finials, decorative brackets, poles, rings sconces and holdbacks.

Estate Ultra

The Estate Ultra collection is meant to coordinate with the Buckingham collection. It accentuates poise and composure while traversing heavy draperies – up to 56 pounds. Both the metal traverse rods and wood traverse rods in this collection can be made to order with your exact requirements in mind. Once you build the traverse drapery rod with the options listed here(provide link to page on website) you can then select any of the finials in this collection to complete your order.

Estate Wood Trends

Bring a soft and warm style to your window with Kirsch’s Estate Wood Trends decorative traverse rod collection. It merges the functionality of Kirsch’s legendary 2” Estate Ultra rod with the popular Wood Trends finishes; Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Sandblasted Black, and White. You can select finials from the 2” Wood Trends collection to complete your desired look.

Studio Coordinates

Combining elegant practicality with custom fashion, Studio Coordinates allow limitless expression. You can choose from a broad selection of popular paints, wood grains and lush metal finishes to complete your vision. You may also incorporate different rods, finials, and ring slides to fulfill the ultimate design of your room.

Kirsch Metal Accessories

This collection was inspired by neo-classical and American influences and can transform an average room into your own unique style. There are unlimited possibilities with its six designs and five finishes. The components – Medallions and Knobs, Holdback Extensions, End Caps and Swivels Sockets – coordinate perfectly with Kirsch Studio Coordinates and Estate Ultra collections. The accessories can be used for numerous situations. Medallion holdbacks can provide a window solution by allowing more light into the room. They can add formality to any room by embellishing specialty-shaped windows. A unique design can be created for corner difficult windows such as arches or bay windows.

Wrought Iron

Old World Spanish designs are modernized in this refined collection. Kirsch designers worked with interior designers from around the country to create the striking series of products. You will find a variety of brackets, holdbacks, rings and finials that will complement any interior design vision.

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