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10 Ways to Spice up Your Window Treatments

Who knew that there were so many different ways to add flavor to your interior design? Well, Continental Window Fashions offers all the right items to follow the new trends of 2012 to help “spice up” any room. It’s time to upgrade your look and refresh your windows in both a convenient and inexpensive way. From drapery hardware to stained glass window film – with the right window treatment, any room can go from average to high-fashion in no time.

1.    Accessorize with Trendy Tiebacks
There’s no better way to add style to a room then by adding a trendy window tieback. Not only do they upgrade the look, they also combine a way to easily tie back any drapery or curtain allowing light to enter the room. Tiebacks come in many different styles that would fit any room design, and come at a relatively low price.

2.    Window Art
Decorate any ordinary window or glass door with different window film designs to recreate the look of stained glass. Decorate your room with the relaxing colors of nature by adding Static Cling Window Film by Etch Art. This stained glass design is the easy way to transform any window or glass door into beautiful stained glass that looks like it cost hundreds of dollars!

3.    Glamorous Drapery Rings
In drapery hardware, there are many approaches to hanging curtains or draperies, but utilizing drapery rings may be the simplest. Emphasize the classic color of gold by incorporating the LJB Kailey Collection Emma Ring in Antique Gold to enhance your window design.

4.    Automatic Window Control
In the world of convenience, what’s easier than a motorized curtain rod? Its design automates drapery window coverings any time with just the touch of a button on your remote control. In the long-run manual operation can cause wear and tear, but with your automatic window control this is less likely to occur.

5.    Add a Touch of the Tropics with Bamboo
Bamboo is a perfect feature to add to a room with a tropical or paradise theme. It is easy to maintain and comes at a great cost. You can find the Imperial Matchstick Bamboo Roll Up and other Bamboo Shades by Lewis Hyman piece to give off a contemporary feel.

6.    Frosted Privacy Glass
Window decals with a frosted look are another great way to provide privacy but still let light through. They also give a subtle and unique look to any average window. Easily add decorative elegance of lightly frosted glass by including the Etch Art Static Cling Window Film Lite Frost Privacy in any window design.

7.    Ceiling Mount Brackets
Take your window treatment to new heights by using the unordinary approach of ceiling mount brackets. The modern look draws the eye upwards, making your window appear taller and refined.

8.    Take Advantage of Solar Power
Stick with the environmental trend of solar power and take advantage of the Lewis Hyman Sun Solar Shades. It helps block the sun while still letting in air and light. Not only is it completely energy efficient, it also significantly reduces cooling costs.

9.    Etched Glass Look
Aside from window art, you can also spice up your window by adding window film etch art designs. The window films are great to block that unwanted view and add something special to the design of your room.

10.    Decorative Rod Combos
A simple decorative curtain rod can also be used as a valance rod to upgrade any regular look of drapery. Utilize a curtain rod that has decorative finials on the ends to successfully deliver the ravishing look of combining your curtains with a draped valance.Drapery Hardware - Curtain Rods - Continental Window Fashions

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