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Stylish Window Treatments for Hard-to-Cover Windows

Most people know that window treatments can make or break a room. Too little or too much throws a room out of balance. The wrong color or fabric can clash, creating fashion discord. So what can you do when you have a window that traditional drapery hardware and window treatment retailers don’t cover? That’s when you know it’s time to search out a retailer capable of meeting your needs such as Continental Window Fashions.

Different, Hard-to-Cover Windows

That beautiful, distinct window was probably one of the reasons you chose your home. Now you just can’t find curtain rods that will work. Continental Window Fashions has the capability to cover most sizes and shapes of distinct windows. Most metal drapery hardware can be bent to cover many different bow, bay or alcove windows that have up to four angles.

Creating Your Custom Look

To create your custom look around your distinct window you’ll have to make decisions about finish, poles, finials and other window hardware and accessories.


Metal curtain rods from Continental Window Fashions can be custom ordered in many different finishes. The finish you choose will depend on the décor of your home and the room’s paint colors. Cool paint colors are best accented by silver-based, metal finishes such as brushed nickel or steel. Warm paint colors accentuated by gold-based metal finishes such as brass or copper will create cohesiveness in the room. Painted finishes should be in accent colors only to avoid color overload.


Choosing drapery hardware poles is as simple as choosing width. Thinner poles are perfect for lightweight sheers or silk and cotton fabrics. Thicker poles will be needed for heavier, thicker drapes such as damask, matelasse and jacquard fabrics.


Finials offer a great opportunity to incorporate your personal flair into window treatments. You’ll want to choose finials based on the type of décor you have. Simple curtain rod caps work well in contemporary or casual designed homes. For more traditional or European designs, detailed and gilded finials from Kirsch drapery hardware or Umbra drapery hardware can add finesse to window treatments. For example, if your fabric has a floral design embossed in it, you can choose a nice flower-shaped or leaf finial to complement it.

Other Drapery Hardware

Other drapery hardware that can integrate your style are  curtain tiebacks & holdbacks. Drapery holdbacks attach to the side of the windows to hold drapes open. Curtain rings slide along the rod to allow opening of drapes. Curtain clips will hold up lighter fabrics well, but if you’ve chosen a heavier fabric, opt for traditional hooks.

Traverse and Motorized Curtain Rods

For the ultimate in custom window treatments, consider traverse curtain rods or motorized curtain rods. Traverse rods allow curtains to be open and closed with the pull of a string. Drapes are mounted below the rod, so you may want to consider a valance to hide the hardware. Motorized rods open and close at the push of a button and are the pinnacle of luxury window treatment. Now that you know where to find custom drapery hardware, you can start creating your stylish look.

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