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Swing In The Sun

Almost every house you walk into has drapes hung at the windows. From short, decorative drapes, to those designed to block out the rays of the sun or help insulate the house, draperies are an integral part of home décor. But what do you do when you want to hang drapes in a new way? One that provides a splash of style, a degree of added functionality, and protection from the elements? The answer may just be swing arm curtain rods.

A Swinging Good Look

Swing arm curtain rods are not a new concept, but they are an under used one. Picture this: a large set of french doors, looking over a gorgeous river view and facing the morning sun. The traditional solution would be to hang a standard curtain rod and a heavy drape – one that needs to be pulled back in order to enjoy the view. This option is beautiful, especially when the fabric is bright and bold. Some do not like the bunched up fabric on one or both sides of the doors when the drapes are wide open. What if you could simply swivel the drapery away, opening up the view totally? You can by simply changing your hardware to a swing arm drapery rod.

Soak Up The Sun

Install the swing arm curtain rods with a simple swivel bracket placed onto the window frame itself or the nearby wall. The rod is sturdy enough for even the heaviest of drapes, especially if another bracket is intelligently placed for added support. This means that even heavy black-out drapes are easily hung using this type of setting. Dress up the look by handing contrasting draperies – one look when the drapes are in the closed position, and another when they are seamlessly swiveled out 180 degrees. Keep it simple by handing one drape. Any look is possible.

A Shiny Bauble

The great thing about swing arm curtain rods is the wide variety of styles that are available. A plain rod with simple finale is beautiful for a traditional look. An intricate fleur-de-lis design is stunning for a more contemporary look. Much more than a finial, the more intricate designs are more truly pieces of art. The metal drapery rods also come in a variety of finishes making it easy to find a matching or contrasting rod to complete the look.

Bringing It Home

While almost every house has drapes or curtains, they are still unique. Create a look that is completely personalized by selecting hardware and fabric that compliments your decor, personal sense of style, and taste. At Continental Window Fashion, there are a large number of curtain rods and drapery hardware to choose from, including a large choice of swing arm rods by Orion. Whether you choose golden oak or bronze patina is entirely up to you. Bring home the home swivel arm curtain rods today and let a bit of light into your home.

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  • Nice job, another great example of how simplicity makes things prettier. this post is absolutely good.

  • a friend recommended this website to me, he said that your posts are the best so i came to read your post and realized he was right. congratulations for writing so well.

  • I love that you posted this today. I have my rods out and am ready to hang them! What preceft timing!! I will definitely make sure that the rod is wide enough to hang without obstructing the windows. My next question is what about the height?? I will be hanging my drapes right next to my kitchen cabinets. Should I hang the rod at the same level as the crown molding from the cabinets, or should I go to the ceiling?? I will be sewing the drapes myself, so length isn’t really an issue. The windows are kind of squatty so I definitely know I want to visually raise the height by hanging the rods higher.

    • ContinentalWF

      The height of the curtains is purely a matter of taste and there is no one formula that fits all. For me personally I like to take them just above the window about 5-6 inches and install the drapery rods there. Hope that is helpful and sorry for the delayed response. Dave

  • thank you for your advice!

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