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Window tattoos are the newest rave in window design. No longer do you have to shell out big cash to have custom windows made. Etched Art Window film has given the Do-It-Yourself generation the creative freedom to create their very own custom windows at a fraction of the cost, with Etched Art static cling window film. These static cling window films are great for adding privacy or to block any unwanted view, while still allowing light to filter through. Etched Art window film designs recreate the look of stained or etched glass adding a unique customizable look to any window or glass, anywhere in your home or office including bathrooms. Adhesive-free static cling window film makes it a snap to do it yourself and if the mood strikes like it sometimes does, then removing and changing the window film is simple and easy.

  Etched Art window film takes custom window to heights that only your imagination can limit. Styles like Deco Spots inspire words like “Beautiful” and “Love it” when people see the Deco Spots splatter your window or door, even making you smile everytime you see them. Deco Spots transform ordinary into extra-ordinary easily with adhesive-free, removable and re-usable window film. Oh, the beauty of simplicity! The creative expression doesn’t stop there. With the Aspen or Austin window film the ‘etched glass’ look is now beautifully achieved. A fun design that will complement many decorating styles and inexpensive enough for the most stringent budget. Next , Etched Art features a ‘stained glass’ look with the Biscayne Privacy design.  This Stained glass design is the easy way to decorate your room with the relaxing colors of nature or to transform any window or glass door into a beautiful stained glass, that looks like it cost hundreds of dollars.  Biscayne Privacy stained glass pattern coordinates with many color motifs and decorating styles. Privacy design obscures visibility through the glass day and night. Etched Art window film also design borders, corners and centers. Window film applications are limitless.
  Etched Art window films incorporate real glass for an authentic sparkle and shimmer. Vinyl window film is 8 mil thick and filters 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Window films help reduce heat and save energy as well as protect your furnishing from premature fading. Steam and moisture will not affect these window films so it’s great for bathroom windows and showers. Adhesive free, Do It Yourself, Etched Art window film, a great product at a great price!

Window Tint in an Afternoon

Looking to install your own residential window tinting? Look no further than Gila window films. Since 1978 GILA (pronounced heela) has provided window film products designed for the do it yourself window film consumer. Gila has created a static cling solar window film that is easy to apply, durable and an affordable alternative to professional installation. This window tint film stops excessive heating after installation. Made from vinyl and plastic, Gila Window Film reflects the majority of the sun’s heat coming through your windows. Not only that, it can do the opposite: in winter, it helps your house retain heat. In addition, Gila Window Film will block exterior glare, an especially important factor if you live on a busy street, and it will reduce any fading of carpeting, fabrics or anything else affected by UV rays.
Platinum All-Season Heat Control Film LES 361, for example comes in a package that contains a roll of film that is 3 feet by 15 feet. In its rolled-up state, Gila Window Film looks reflective and silvery. Don’t panic; your house will not look like a skyscraper in an office park. Once on the window, the film has just a slight tint–no mirror effect at all.
Tools you will need to apply your window film are: a squeegee handle, squeegee blade, edging tool, utility knife, lint cloth, and application solution.  This is available in a complete application kit.
Gila Window Film is not difficult to apply. As long as you have a large, clean, flat working surface and a long straightedge (maybe a drywall square), you’re good to go. Cut the film slightly larger than the glass. Remember that the film is slippery and does take some patience (Save the coffee for after you’re done). Guess what – there is no sticky adhesive to worry about. Spray the solution, put down the film, readjust if necessary, cut the excess, and you are ready for that cup of coffee. If you see a mistake even 3-5 days later you can pull it up and reapply it.
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